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Now that summer is in full swing, our outdoor zones are working overtime—as playgrounds, dining rooms, and even offices. Whether you have a full-fledged backyard or a barely there patio, every space can feel like a mini vacation as long as it reflects what you truly need. The easiest way to connect with your inner self? Through your astrological sign. Fire signs need bold colors to feel at home, for instance, while water signs habitually seek rest and relaxation. We gathered some of our favorite outdoor spaces to inspire you. 


As a self-starter, you always have something up your sleeve, Aries. A secluded backyard meeting spot–slash–s’mores station, like the one at Michelle Nader’s Los Angeles home, will help you reach peak productivity alfresco. Furniture in eye-catching hues, such as sunshine yellow, packs the personality punch you’re known for.


For luxury-seeking Taurus, an outdoor shower just isn’t enough. Make like Camilla Blackett and opt for a claw-foot tub in your yard (she found hers for only $500 on Craigslist). Not only will you feel like you’re at the hot springs 24-7, but the more time you spend in nature, the more you’ll connect with your earth sign roots.


Geminis, your power is your mind, and what better way to exercise it than with healthy debates with those you love? Prioritizing family-style seating on your patio (like in this Emily Henderson–designed space) will encourage lunch meetings and dinner parties at your place. Face-to-face, the conversation and knowledge will flow easily. 


Cancers are known for being family-oriented homebodies and natural caretakers. So when designing your outdoor space, take a page out of Mariam Naficy’s book and include an intimate dining setup ideal for home-cooked meals (famously your love language). Cozy seat covers and warm overhead lighting will make your visitors feel instantly at ease.


 Photograph by Tessa Neustadt; Design by Emily Henderson Design

Maximalist floor tiles, a larger-than-life animal sculpture, and throne-like seating are just what statement lovers (ahem, Leos) are looking for. Like Emily Henderson, don’t skimp on decor that lets your taste shine through, even if it’s not traditionally used outdoors. You know better than anyone that’s what keeps people coming back for more. 


It takes a particular kind of person to be able to keep an outdoor space organized but still feeling playful, and that person would be a fun-loving (in a meticulous, orderly way) Virgo. Let Eric Trine’s Long Beach, California, backyard be your guide—all of the design details, from peace signs to squiggles, also serve a purpose (such as for hanging up wet towels). 


Social Libras adore nothing more than hosting get-togethers, so a setup worthy of a leisurely dinner party is key for your backyard. Tyler Haney’s (a Libra herself!) ranch-style home features a table fit for eight in the shade of the tree branches. Given that beautiful things is your kryptonite, the oversize succulent centerpiece should not be forgotten.


Scorpios don’t do anything halfway, so you’ll appreciate Heidi Merrick’s West Coast getaway, with its stunning views and mysterious nooks and crannies. (Enigmatic water signs can slip away at a moment’s notice.) 


Ride a wave, host cocktail hour, make a roaring fire—that’s just a regular day for an adventurous Sagittarius. Create a backyard as versatile as you are with both covered and open-air areas, a mix of textures underfoot, and plenty of room to put your souvenirs on display, like in this beachside house. As long as it’s full of life, it will feel like home.


Capricorns won’t admit it, but they could use a break from time to time. Investing in some lounge chairs (poolside or otherwise) will encourage you to put away the computer (at least for a little while!) and take some much-needed me time. The only rule? Keep the email checking to a minimum when fully reclined.


While many may prefer streamlined outdoor furniture, eclectic Aquarians thrive surrounded by a splash of color. Fire-engine red chairs, a burnt orange table, sky blue window frames, and lemony planters will put your overactive mind into overdrive (just how you like it)—and label your space as distinctly yours. 


Some may say the very brain of a Pisces is its own dreamy respite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t craft just as zen an outdoor space to soothe your sensitive spirit. With Erin Featherston’s freshwater pool, lazy hammock, and floor pillows, you’ll never be without a spot to dream-journal again.