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It’s no secret that we’ve all been spending more time than usual at home these days. After living, working, and socializing (via Zoom, of course) from our personal spaces the past year, odds are yours could use a little TLC. 

So where to begin? Let the stars be your guide. We’ve mapped out the most important areas of the home for each astrological sign, so that you’re putting your attention toward the spot that you use the most. Here’s exactly where and how you should declutter your house, based on the zodiac.


Known for your bold nature and fiery spirit, you rarely slow down, especially as you’re coming and going. Focus on organizing your entryway table or credenza with designated catchalls for certain must-haves (phone, keys, wallet), so the next time you race off to a socially distanced walk at least you’ll remember to grab your things on the way out. 


It’s not a bad thing to love self-care; in fact your many serums, makeup, and supplements are probably why you have the glowiest skin in your friend group. Take care of your products like they take care of you—in acrylic vanity bins that put all your faves on display. 


As an intellectual air sign, you’re known for your wordsmith ways. Turn to your holy grail—the bookshelf—for your next decluttering project. Whether you choose to color-code, alphabetize, or devise your own wacky system, don’t forget a pair of chic bookends to keep everything upright and in order. 


You’re happiest at home, caring for your loved ones in the form of melt-y mac and cheese and belly-filling stews. Keep your kitchen spick-and-span with the help of chic fridge baskets that add tons of product storage and a spice rack for everything from paprika to turmeric. 


As the selfie queen among your friends, your need for attention always starts with the right outfit. A fold-out shoe cabinet will keep your boots and heels in order, while space-saving hangers will make room for all the fancy clothes you’re saving to wear when it’s safe to mingle again. 


Photography by Sara Ligorria-Tramp; Design by Emily Bowser

Though you’re already hyper-organized by nature, take extra time to reexamine your medicine cabinet, whether it be by adding compact drawers on the shelves or keeping mini boxes on hand to corral medicines and vitamins.


Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg; Produced by Kate Berry

You’re always down to host, which means your living room can often become a mess of blankets, pillows, and snack bowls. Keep colorful crates (your sign is ruled by Venus, so they have to be pretty!) under your coffee table to stash puzzles and board games. Floating shelves can display photos from past game nights. 


You’ve been known to get possessive, so it’s no surprise that you often feel most comfortable when all of your belongings are close by. Opt for a nightstand with plenty of hidden storage so that your treasures are just an arm’s length away. 


Adventure fuels you—you’re always coming and going, with hardly any time to slow down and take stock of your surroundings. Keep transportation hubs, like your garage, tidy with stackable bins and a storage rack for easy access to coolers, picnic blankets, and backpacks on the go. 


As the workaholic of the zodiac, you often have to be pried away from your desk at the end of the day. A handy pen station will keep everything you need right on hand, while a filing cabinet can store your important documents underneath your desk. 


As the sign of technology and innovation, there’s no saying how many gadgets you’ve compiled over the years. A wire organizer will secure your cords out of sight and tangle-free, while a multi-device charging hub will keep everything in one place. 


With your head constantly in the clouds, tidiness isn’t quite your thing. But remember, you’ll only be able to tap into your full creative potential if you can easily access your tools. Organize your hobby zone with caddies for journals and craft supplies. A pegboard can be especially helpful for hanging paintbrushes, scissors, and tape.

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