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10 Pieces That’ll Truly Combat The Winter Blues

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Ever have one of those trips where you come home feeling like a new person? Your perspective has shifted. Maybe you’re a little more free spirited. Even though it’s not reasonable to vacation all the time, bringing that mental space back to your place is doable. In an effort to keep the post-vacation blues at bay, we assembled some finds to make you feel like you just got back from a fabulous trip.

Swedish Simplicity

What’s black and white and black and white and black and white all over? Simple Swedish design. This chandy makes us think a little of the silhouette of an airplane (if you squint) and a little bit white subway tiles and white painted wood floors. Or heck, paint ‘em black. Either way this is a classic you can take from city house to country cottage to beach chateau and everywhere in between.

Dream a Little Dream With Me

Pop in a Wes Anderson film and just make sure that trunk is nearby. The detail! The quality! And c’mon, the gold hardware. Fill it with books or blankets or packing peanuts- who cares. Just put that baby at the end of a bed or use it as a table and let your life take a Kerouacian twist, Oliver.

By Wind or By Rail

One time we took a trip on the Coast Starlight train from Los Angeles to San Francisco and while we wholeheartedly recommend boozing the whole way, we also recommend this mode of transportation. No driving stress, no airport stress, no pressure changes, no ‘seatbelts on’ light- you get it. Put a train print up at home and imagine the voyage.

Oui as F*ck

Who says you can’t eat fromage and fruit de mer in your own chateau? Turn on some Serge Gainsbourg or french house sounds and put this print in your kitchen as you make your own bœuf bourguignon. There’s something to a night in a different city where dinner hours turn into dancing hours turn into morning hours. Viva la France!

Western European Dissent

Ah, the Inverness chair. These chairs are designed to last a lifetime. Quality, form, function. Check, check, check. The silvery grey patina teak actually develops with age. Like fine red wine. Like the rocky bluffs in the Scottish countryside. Like all good things that take time.

National Park Camp Air 

We have a friend who checks off National Park visits like it’s her freaking 9-to-5. Yeah, that tone was jealousy. And as much we’d love to join her in her camper van (oh yeah, she also has a camper van), we cannot do so. Because of boring life details that are about as cool to discuss as the weather. So, carry that national park with you. As a work bag, as a weekend bag. As a way to breathe in daily life and breathe out forest air.

English Garden

Alright this one might be a stretch as far as “english gardens” go. But how gorgeous are those tones of white? Like hyacinths, lilies, and hydrangeas. Clean lines, organic hues. What a beautiful piece to pair with fuzzy blankets and cream-colored furniture.  It’s neither masculine nor feminine too- really an ideal piece for any space.

Ride Dirty 

Tbh, not super interested in living a true desert life. Too much sand in too many places. Spiders the size of footballs and birds the size of skyscrapers seem a touch too Edgar Allen Poe. The aesthetic is so, so gorgeous though. Blue skies for days. Low-slung clouds and black coffee fit for a cowgirl. This light encompasses all those things. Natural desert-tones perfect for bringing into the safety of ze home.

Southern Discomfort

This piece has already been gifted to one of our best girls. The girl is a perpetual IT child. She knows the good tunes, the good shops, the best eats and drinks around town. Fitting she should have a subversive jewelry holder for her midi and knuckle rings. For the urban cowgirl that sees life is an ongoing artful landscape.

Somebody’s Gonna Lose a Shoe Tonight

Because that’s what happens when tequila is involved. Oh, whiskey is your thing? Well, that’ll do too. The Acapulco chair makes us think of all things Mexico and dancing. It is a dancing barefoot in the moonlight kinda chair. Have another, lose your shoes, find ‘em under this chair the next day.