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Come wintertime, nothing warms a space like a tartan blanket — and by choosing color combinations carefully, even shades of red can be cozied up to all season long. This fabulous throw works beyond the holidays because, even though it’s saturated in red, there isn’t a hint of green in sight, and the large checked pattern hints at a modern 4-season color blocking effect. While this shade of royal blue is totally working here, practically any other color would substitute nicely — like winter white, shades of pink, or a light gray. (Anything, that is, except green.)

Not all plaid is created equal. The neutral pattern on these versatile footstools is so modern and graphic that it would feel at home any day of the year (holiday or not).

Carefully placed plaid scarves make cozy decorative accents during winter months — that is, when you’re not wearing them. Even though this pattern includes both red and green, there are plenty of other colors at play keeping it current once the holidays have passed. Neutral patterns featuring blacks, whites, creams, and browns would also be ideal.

Touches or tartan help create an equestrian-chic vibe in this cozy sitting space. Start with small accessory pieces, such as throw pillows, blankets, or even an accent chair.

Subtle plaid patterns in soft shades of gray set the tone for a cozy fireside winter retreat — with all the charm of cabin life, and not a holiday decoration in sight.

Sophisticated and fun, this Burberry raincoat-inspired tile backsplash is proof that plaid has earned its status as a year-round design staple — and not only as a textile.

Create a cozy outdoor tablescape with layers of plaid — and get creative! Outdoor blankets are ideal, but if you don’t have one on hand (or even tablecloth), blankets can work in a pinch. And forget about formal napkins — any small textile will do, such as a bandanas, tea towels, or even retired pocket squares.

When colors and muted and patterns are subtle, plaid can be layered with pillows, blankets, rugs, and even furniture pieces. Opt for plaids that compliment each other without matching, and stick with neutrals when several layers are involved.

Neutral plaids warm up a modern nursery, and contrast nicely with other contemporary touches featured here, including the graphic curtains, crisp whites, and industrial toy chest.

Take a cue from this chic spread and allow plaid sheets to perform double duty by dressing a glam outdoor table setting. Red and green are the go-to choice for the holidays, but opt for neutrals, pastels, or organic shades for all other wintertime festivities.