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Domino’s Leading Ladies: Chanelle Doryumu

Before the launch of our winter issue, we’re catching up with the women who make it great.

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Chanelle Doryumu is a content strategist and founding member of The Wing in NYC. Get the winter issue for their full story on newsstands December 1 or subscribe now here

My current color crush …

In college I was obsessed with anything and everything hot pink..but over the last several years I’ve migrated away from color a bit and settled into a steady routine of black, grey and more muted neutrals. But I couldn’t be more excited that the color pink has made a comeback in a slightly more grown-up way with what the kids are calling “Millennial Pink.” Or Glossier pink. Whatever it is, I want it on everything.

The space I would move into tomorrow …

I live for apartment envy and find a new space to fall in love with every day, but today I’d be happy taking Mona Kowalska’s apartment in Clinton Hill. It’s beautiful and the perfect balance of spare and lived-in. Just lovely.

I learned

[to never be afraid to rock a full tracksuit in a high profile situation]


[Whitney Houston at SuperBowl XXV].

Song that best describes me …

This is the hardest question of all time. I don’t know if it really “describes” me, but “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” by Paul Simon gets me every time. It’s even got the sounds of Ghanaian highlife—how can you hate that?

My go-to dish/drink to make when guests are coming in an hour …

Wine. Preferably Lambrusco.

Advice to my 2017 self …

Do you. And save more money.

My wish for women going forward …

In times of uncertainty—times when our very existence and self-worth is challenged or acknowledged solely in the context of certain people who would try to shape us and the world we live in—it feels like an act of rebellion just to be yourself. That’s especially true if being yourself defies antiquated, preconceived ideas of what it really means to be a respectable woman. In these times it feels much easier to retreat, or to subdue what makes us the remarkable, bold, complicated and magical people we are. But my hope for myself, and all women who may be feeling a bit dejected right now, is that we continue to be bold, loud, opinionated and vocal, and never water ourselves down for anything or anyone. It’s too important. We are too important.