Which Houseplant You Should Buy, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars—and plant parenting—align.

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Plants have always been a staple in the home decor world, as both living sculpture and vehicles for bringing nature indoors (more essential than ever in these current times). But knowing which plant to choose can leave even the greenest of thumbs befuddled. Just like us, each species’s wants and needs are unique, and it’s important that your plant parenting abilities line up. So how do you pick? We recommend turning to our favorite (or at the very least, most fun) decision-making tool: the zodiac. Read on for our take on which plant you should buy based on your astrological sign. 


Bold and in charge, Aries don’t shy away from, well, anything. They should have a houseplant as confident as they are, one that’s not afraid of taking up space and commanding a room. Enter the Insta-famous fiddle-leaf fig. Like a true ram, it knows what it wants, so make sure yours faces an eastern window and lives in warm, bright, and humid conditions. 


Ruled by the second house of wealth and finances, Taureans value stability above all else, making them an easy match for the money tree. Like the stubborn sign of the bull, this plant is resilient and deep rooted (hence its braided trunk). 


Geminis are known to be social butterflies with an infinite reserve of knowledge, always equipped with the latest gossip or a newfound fact. Consider the bird’s-nest fern, whose rippled leaves will unfurl and stretch in as many directions as you do.


According to ancient Chinese lore, monstera plants are said to symbolize long life and respect for those who came before us, making them the ideal companion for family-focused Cancers. Place the plant in a bright corner for steady comfort to weather any crabby mood as you sift through all your emotions. 


The calathea pinstripe, or Calathea ornata, gets its scientific title from ornate, a term familiar to outgoing Leos. The plant sports fine pink lines on its leaves, making it look like a painting to be admired, and requires bright light to properly shine. Leo, you’ve met your seedling soul mate. 


Taking practicality to a level of near-spiritual devotion, Virgos don’t want a plant simply for aesthetics. Good news: The hedgehog aloe is not only striking, with its upright stems and occasional flower bloom in the summer, but you can also use its leaves to soothe burns and skin irritations.


Romantic Libras are led by their love of beauty, so a plant that requires careful grooming and shaping will certainly strike their fancy. Might we suggest the famed bonsai tree? Not to mention, as the sign of the scales, Libra is all about balance and harmony, which is exactly what the tree represents. 


Known for their deep, mysterious personalities, Scorpios need greenery that can understand their darker side. The snake plant has the perfect résumé for the job: It thrives in low-light environments, produces oxygen mostly at night, and—when fully developed—features upright, sword-shaped leaves as sharp as a Scorpio’s words.


Although lovers of the outdoors, Sagittarians are rarely home long enough to look after living things. That’s why an assortment of succulents is a great option for this wanderlust-addicted fire sign. They require little to no care, allowing Sags to bound off on their next adventure on a whim, just as they like it. 


Pothos plants are known to represent determination and perseverance, and Capricorns want a plant that works as hard as they do. Plus its vines grow quickly, with leaves sometimes reaching more than 3 feet long, proving it to be the overachiever of the plant world. We’d call this a power couple.


Quirky Aquarians, the final air sign of the zodiac, should opt for the aptly named air plant, which has the distinct ability to grow without any soil. Just soak it in water for 15 to 20 minutes weekly—and voilà! Little puffs of life for a shelf, tabletop, or bedside table. And you’ll love entertaining the questions and curious looks your new accessories get from visitors. 


String of pearls grows quickly and peacefully, creating a cascading scene made for the soothing sanctuary that this imagination-driven water sign craves. Technically a succulent, the plant doesn’t need much water, so if Pisces get lost in the clouds and forget every now and then, it will be just fine. 

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