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Wallpaper lays the foundation for an entire room, which means the selection process can be overwhelming. How do you choose a print that will make you feel at home? You could spend hours scouring options online—or you could turn to the stars. 

Astrology encourages you to turn inward and discover parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed. Maybe connecting with your Aries side will inspire you to go wild with your choices, or if you’re a Scorpio, something dark and moody might be the right fit. Read on to find out what wallpaper you should choose, according to your zodiac sign. 


Maracas Wallpaper, Pierre Frey

The boldest sign of the zodiac should opt for an equally daring wallpaper. Dancing flames meet a reptilian texture in this woven design by Pierre Frey, meant to inspire awe and encourage hands-on contact. So who better to take on the intensity than an Aries, our brave leader of the pack? With a vibrant red wallpaper like this, nobody will overlook this Mars-ruled sign.


Palms Metallic Grasscloth, Sister Parish

If you know a Taurus, you’re probably familiar with how much they like to kick back and relax. The earthy self-care advocates need a look that’s both sensible and calming, like Sister Parish’s palm tree pattern. The repetitive motif leaves no room for surprises, something a grounded Taurus appreciates, but offers the distinct feeling of awaiting a massage at a luxe spa. 


Bibliothèque Wallpaper, Hermès

Known for their insatiable appetite for knowledge, Geminis need a style that will speak to their overactive brains. Hermès offers just the thing with a biblio-esque print that makes you feel like cracking open a book. Be warned, though: Ignite a Gemini’s intellect and you’ll never put out the flames. 



Bubble Wallpaper, Chasing Paper

Sensitive Cancers are homebodies, so their wallpaper choice has to be one they can stare at for hours on end. Chasing Paper’s Bubble print feels like floating: It acts as a soothing neutral, ideal for the easily overwhelmed water sign. If your Cancer loved one hasn’t returned your calls in a while, make sure they haven’t gotten lost in the cloudlike curves, scrapbooking or baking the day away.


Judy Stripe Wallpaper, Voutsa

Famous for, well, wanting to be famous, Leos’ penchant for the dramatic is often their defining feature. So this charismatic fire sign needs a backdrop that screams “All eyes on me!” Voutsa’s billowing tentlike stripes offer the distinct feeling that something is about to happen, onstage or off.  Well, in a Leo’s space, that is almost always the case, so sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.


Plaid Wallpaper, Wallshoppe

Virgos’ proclivity for practicality doesn’t mean they can’t surprise every now and then. This wallpaper does exactly that, touching on the sign’s bold side with unexpected color pairings, while remaining on brand with a grid pattern that encourages careful coloring within the lines, offering the best of both worlds for attentive, steady, and thoroughly lovable Virgo. 


Tutti Frutti Wallpaper, Work + Sea

Libras are ruled by Venus and love of all things artistic and aesthetic, so this wallpaper is basically a physical manifestation of the sign. Notes of ancient beauty, museum visits, and mouthwatering fruit will give any room a sensual feel. You’ll want to fall in love surrounded by this print, and if you’re joined by a Libra, odds are you already have. 



Fullerton Wallpaper, Osborne & Little

Intense, passionate, and dripping with desire are all terms we’d use to describe our favorite dark and stormy sign, as well as Osborne & Little’s floral wall covering. Scorpios, in constant cycles of blooming themselves, will love the feeling of rebirth and new life that this design brings to a room. And that hypnotic feeling you get after staring at the wall for too long? It’s most likely the mesmerizing floral pattern and not your Scorpion friend practicing a spell. Right? 


Surfboards Wallpaper, Studio Four NYC

Always on the go, these fire signs need a print as adventurous as they are. Although they’ll probably rarely be home to enjoy it, Studio Four NYC’s surfboard wallpaper makes you want to get out and really live, whether that’s by catching a wave or just exploring your neighborhood. 


Emerald City Wallpaper, Flat Vernacular

You’ll be hard-pressed to find Capricorns not working, and even if you do catch them in a rare moment of relaxation, they’re probably at least thinking about a deadline or networking opportunity. So when choosing a wallpaper, the perfect fit is a pattern that promotes focus and creativity. Flat Vernacular’s Emerald City design makes for a calming vertical backdrop to foster your ambitions while still having time for yourself afterward. 


Acquario Fornasetti Wallpaper by Cole & Son, Decorator’s Best

Aquarians are on a mission to make weird cool again, and this wallpaper does exactly that. While a collage of quirky fish is probably not the popular choice for an entryway or living room, that’s exactly why the penultimate zodiac sign will love it. And because of their trendsetting nature, next season we’re betting you’ll see fish-themed decor swimming through all of your favorite spaces.



Atrium Clouds Wallpaper, Anthropologie

With their heads perpetually in the clouds, why not decorate this sign’s space accordingly? Anthropologie’s fitting design offers imaginative, empathetic Pisces the dreamy respite from the outside world they so often crave. And in a room that makes you feel like you’re floating, who knows the wonders Pisces will create. 

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