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White or gray cabinets? Linen or velvet sofa? Abstract print or oil painting? A lot of us might have to think for a moment and really weigh our decorating options, unless you are an Aries. People with this astrological sign apparently don’t skip a beat. According to a new survey that spanned 2,000 respondents, conducted by One Poll and mid-century–inspired furniture company Article, Aries are the most confident in their decorating skills compared to other signs.

We already have a good idea of what wallpaper, tile, and wall colors you should choose based on the stars, but this questionnaire dug a bit deeper. Do you value a spacious kitchen over a house with character? Are you more likely to gravitate toward warmer hues like orangey browns than cool blues and blacks? Sure, Aries might be the most confident, but here’s where everyone else’s strengths and interests lie, too. 

  • Aries: The most confident in their decorating skills (and they’re also the biggest fans of green out of the bunch).
  • Taurus: Value large kitchens and appreciate a monochrome palette.
  • Gemini: Prioritize outdoor space and are the most particular about nailing a pleasing aesthetic.
  • Cancer: Love to seek advice from others before sprucing up their space and are more open to dabbling in new trends—think: painted floors and insulation made out of mushrooms.
  • Leo: Look for in-suite laundry wherever they can find it and have likely invested in a sofa in the past year.
  • Virgo: Unafraid of the color red (so may we suggest painting an entire room in the fiery hue). 
  • Pisces: Large windows and all-white rooms are their jam. FYI: These nine white paints never fail, according to designers. 
  • Libra: Appreciate a contrasting color scheme, and the easiest place to start is with upper and lower kitchen cabinets.
  • Scorpio: More likely to gravitate toward ice cream pastels and will invest in a top-notch AC system. 
  • Sagittarius: Highly attracted to green, much like Aries, and will shop for a home with loads of character. We see a Craftsman refurbishment in their future. 
  • Capricorn: Enjoy good views and crisp, white interiors but are open to the occasional jewel tone, say in the form of an emerald sofa or blue lacquered pantry
  • Aquarius: Care the most about comfortable home decor (hello, bouclé armchairs and linen bedding!).