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What to Gift Your Friends for the Holidays, According to Their Zodiac Signs

Your shopping list is written in the stars.

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During a year when in-person shopping can come with serious health risks, figuring out what to give your loved ones for the holidays is less about serendipitously stumbling across the perfect thing and more about knowing exactly what you want to buy from the get-go. (No one likes spending hours fruitlessly searching on Google.) For guidance, take a deeper look at your friends’ personalities—namely, their zodiac signs. Read on for our recommendations and knock your present out of the park.


The first of the fire signs and the leader of the zodiac, your Aries friend needs an everyday item unique enough to set them apart from the rest of the pack. Made in Tokyo, this color-blocked lighter has a removable cap for easy ambience setting.


As the Zodiac’s resident self-care lover, Taurus takes pride in their dedication to wellness. A just-released body wash from Maude that balances pH levels and doubles as a bubble bath is something they won’t want to miss out on. 


Geminis are the most intellectually curious zodiac members. Solving a puzzle-within-a-puzzle (this image is actually a series of photos spliced together) will not only stimulate their overactive minds, but activate their inner air sign with a dreamy cloud motif.


Odds are, your Cancer friend is a hard sell for a night on the town, much preferring cuddling up on the couch with a good book and cup of tea. Indulge their homebody nature with Australian sheepskin slippers for lounging in style. 


While your Leo companion is surely your most gregarious confidant, they’re also the most generous and loyal. Get them a gift that they’d buy for themselves (and one that enhances their selfie-taking): a graphic phone case customized with their initials. 


If you love a Virgo, you know that practical gifts are their thing. Inka’s lunch kit is perfect; it comes with a bag made from silicone, vegan leather (for easy cleaning) interchangeable straps (if you can’t decide between handheld or cross-body), microwave- and dishwasher-safe InvisiSeal Tupperware, mini napkins, stainless steel silverware, and even a sauce pot. 


Your flirtiest friend won’t say no to a Loops lip mask, which uses aloe vera, jojoba-and-pomegranate extract, and a nourishing flower complex to hydrate chapped lips. 


Despite their tough exterior, Scorpios are more sensitive than they let on, and the current state of the world is no doubt weighing heavily on them. Gift this water sign a cotton-poplin face mask to put them at ease, especially if its moody print matches their mysterious ways. 


A Sag is constantly on a journey, and SIG’s Pearl Steps candle will remind them that there’s always somewhere else to go. But in the meantime, its jasmine scent will make your archer friend’s home smell good enough to convince them to stay a while. 


The best present you can give a Capricorn is that of relaxation (something they can definitely use more of). Encourage them to chill out with a cup of Early Grey tea (made from lavender, citrus peel, and assam), meant to simultaneously energize and calm them for busy days ahead.


As the sign of the water bearers, it’s fitting that Aquarius would receive their own bottle for the holidays. But as your most eccentric loved one has surely reminded you, it will need to be something all their own. This option is made from supersoft silicone and comes in a quirky oval shape. 


It’s hard to pull a Pisces away from their imagination long enough to give them a gift—unless it’s a cosmic dream tincture. Used to promote vivid dreaming, place one full dropper under the tongue before slumbering and—voilà! A subconscious-uncovering journey for the most spiritual sign.

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