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Our kitchens now see everything, from recipe testing to Zoom school to conference calls. More than ever before, its design should match your personality and needs. If you can’t quit your takeout habit, prioritizing extra counter space isn’t necessary, and if working from home looks to be permanent, a supersize island isn’t a bad idea. What better way to decipher what you truly want than turning to your astrological sign? Read on for kitchen design inspiration, according to the stars. 


Aries is the fearless leader of the zodiac, so you’re not afraid of a daring tile pattern. In Jennifer Mankins’s Shelter Island, New York, home, a multihued backsplash (each piece was scavenged from other projects) makes a statement as bright as the ram’s personality.  


Every room of a Taurus’s home should feel like a respite, and the kitchen is no exception. Alex Boudreau’s breezy Todos Santos, Mexico, getaway brings the calming desert landscape in with local organic materials like palo verde wood and clay brick, as well as plenty of natural light. 


Gemini, you need your kitchen to be as multifaceted as you are, which is why a hardworking central island, like in this bright room by Space Exploration, is a must. Use it to set up your morning crossword station or follow that intricate recipe you bookmarked. 


If you’re a Cancer, no doubt your home feels perfectly lived-in. The domestic water sign finds clutter comforting, but in the kitchen you’ll want to make it curated, like in Krissy Jones’s cozy, wood-forward apartment in New York City. Every crock and cookbook has its place.


For Leo, home is but a stage. You crave glam in even the most functional items—and that includes the kitchen cabinets. Liz Gardner’s luxe “living” brass cupboard fronts (they’ll patina with time) will appeal to your penchant for drama and ensure all eyes are always on your cooking. 


A Virgo can often be defined by their love of organization and order. Rachel Craven’s kitchen is sure to be the dream, with its nooks and crannies above and below to prominently display a serveware collection. 


A kitchen that aptly combines splurge-worthy finishes and no-nonsense utility speaks to Libra’s love for all things beautiful and balanced. Consider mixing materials that you may not normally put together—like a brass backsplash, two-tone cabinets, and a sleek wood island—as in this setup by Naked Kitchens. 


Photography by Hervé Goluza; Design by Camille Architectures

Moody Scorpio might lean toward all things dark and stormy when it comes to design, but an all-black kitchen would make slicing and chopping a tad treacherous. A Dalmatian-esque terrazzo backsplash and floor (like in this space, designed by Camille Hermand), on the other hand, is much more practical while still maintaining your mysterious aura.   


Home is wherever adventurous Sagittarius is. When it comes to making a kitchen feel your own, displaying mementos from all the important moments in your life next to your cookware and dish towels is the way to go. A big swatch of corkboard, like in Jack Carlson and Keziah Beall’s Manhattan apartment, turns a blank wall into one large scrapbook (and blends right in with the wood cabinetry). 


It’s not just the custom banquette that makes Space Exploration’s Sunset Park, Brooklyn, residence a Capricorn’s dream (it’s ideal for late-night work sessions), it’s also the thoughtful wall-mounted knife block and the wicker and wood, which reflect your earthy side. 


Photography By Marta Xochilt Perez; Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan; Design by Anthony George Home

If a space makes you stop and stare, it most likely belongs to a quirky, independent Aquarius. Go big and bold with a hand-drawn paint treatment, colorful cabinets, and works of art (both on the walls and underfoot). Or as in this Anthony Gianacakos–designed no-holds-barred kitchen, all three!


Pisces, take note: Kim West’s soothing sky blue space is just what your sensitive soul needs. Tonal floor tiles and chunky neutral pendant lamps add character, engaging your creative side without adding chaos. 

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