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After a year spent at home, bathrooms are now fully solidified as self-care meccas. That skin-care routine can only be so soothing, however, when you’re standing under the harsh glow of bad lighting and your sink can barely fit soap, let alone multiple face creams. The most grounding spaces reflect who you are inside, and what better way to connect with your inner world than through your astrological sign? Whether you’re a greenery-loving earth sign or an always-on-the-go fire sign, there’s an oasis with your name on it. Read on for bathroom design inspiration according to the zodiac. 


Aries are natural-born leaders, always eager to kick-start a trend, so a bathroom that reflects your dynamo demeanor, like Brynn Jones’s ’70s-style SoCal space (designed by Frances Merrill of Reath Design), is the way to go. The bathroom combines color-blocked cabinetry and retro floor tiles to make a chromatically confident look fit for the most fearless astro sign. 


Sanctuary-seeking Taureans will likely feel most at home among a luxurious, neutral space that encourages relaxation. Sarah Sherman Samuel’s bathroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan, does the trick with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a lush gardenscape and a freestanding tub ideal for long soaks. Throw in a mud mask, and the sign of the bull just might never leave.


Sybil Domond and Dan Lessin’s Greenpoint, Brooklyn, townhome feels like a Mediterranean treehouse, and their bathroom is no exception. Mismatched tiles meet exposed brick, creating a duality perfect for a Gemini, the zodiac’s sign of the twins. Plus wall hooks allow you to hang a waterproof radio so you don’t have to interrupt the steady stream of information you like to take in, even when you’re showering. 


Cancers, odds are you’ve been called the grandma of your friend group once or twice, probably due to your penchant for family heirlooms, preference to cook dinner at home, and the occasional crabby attitude. Graham Kostic and Fran Taglia’s guest bathroom will let your inner old soul out with a two-tone claw-foot tub, dreamy Fornasetti wallpaper, and even a phonograph on display.


Eye-catching and dramatic are words to describe both Leos and this luxe Upper East Side bathroom designed by Young Huh. A head-to-toe hue, like this shimmery gold, will generate a striking effect made for royalty, i.e., you. 


With their meticulous attention to detail, Virgos can be a bit tightly wound, so prioritize tranquility in your space. In Malene Barrnett’s Brooklyn brownstone bath, mosaic tile flows continuously from the floor to the walls to the ceiling, instantly transporting you spa-side. But remember, there’s more to you than just order and rules, hence a pop of canary yellow to keep visitors on their toes. 


Diplomatic Libras, you need a romantic, aesthetically driven space to unwind after completing your daily dose of balancing acts. Blogger Elsie Larson’s Nashville digs gets it right with rose-colored curtains; brass accents; and clean, white surfaces for a space as fun-loving as it is elegant. 


Mysterious Scorpios would feel right at home in Prada architect Roberto Baciocchi’s dark and stormy Tuscany bathroom. Abalone shell tiles with glints of turquoise line the walls, while sheets of linen cover lightbulbs to emit a soft, hazy glow. The perfect setting for your spells—er, self-care. 


As the wanderers of the zodiac, Sagittarians need a bathroom that speaks to their love of adventure far and wide. Placing yours near a patio will make it feel like the world is at your fingertips every time you step in the shower, especially if, like in another of Baciocchi’s bathrooms, natural stone and wood cover the majority of the room.


A bathroom that promotes peace and quiet might just allow hardworking Capricorns to finally take a break. Athena Calderone’s space, complete with a freestanding tub and large clay vase, has major hotel vibes. If you must bring the office with you, there’s room for that too in the form of a wood tub caddy to prop a laptop (be careful!) or papers to look over. 


Eccentric Aquariuses need a bathroom that sparks creative ideas. This Washington, D.C., space, designed by Cameron Ruppert, has all the necessary quirks to get you thinking: fun, patterned floor tile; graphic fabric, and a tiger rug underfoot. The weirder, the better, right?


Photography by Ryan Liebe; Design by Emily Henderson Design

Pisces have a gentle, empathetic spirit that craves a respite while brushing their teeth. With its baby blue wallpaper and wood-paneled walls, this Emily Henderson–designed bathroom will take you seaside (you’re the sign of the fish, after all). Be careful or before long, you may just be setting up an art studio in there, too.