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Relationships are in for an upgrade. Why? Because Venus, the planet of love, is moving retrograde and taking the main stage (astrologically speaking of course) for the entirety of fall 2018. All relationships are in the spotlight—romantic and platonic—as well as what you want, and how you show up in relationships.

Maybe you are considering a big move with one of your ride-or-dies? Whether you are considering buying a house with your spouse or signing a lease with your BFF (or let’s be real, subletting from a stranger you found on Craigslist), here’s the DL on how your sign’s design style pairs with others. (And if you know your Venus sign or rising sign, go ahead and read those too.)


March 21-April 19

As a fire sign, your space needs to feel alive, mimicking the contagious, vibrant energy you naturally radiate. You adore warmth and vivacious prints that encourage you to seize the day. Mementos from your travels to other places and through life are spontaneously woven into each room as you see fit.

In fact, your place is somewhat like a collage of everything you adore—exuding an unmistakably unique personality that mirrors yours. Honesty and passion. That’s all you need in life.

Best match: Move in with your fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, for that warmth you crave.

Worst match: You would not do well with a partner whose bedroom is painted a dark charcoal grey with scarce natural lighting and the AC on blast. (Brrr, too chilly for you. On all fronts.) If you must move in with someone who enjoys a cooler palette (hello, Capricorn and Scorpio), compromise by adding accents of lemon yellow to enliven the space.


April 20-May 20

You love luxurious rugs, flowers, and endless layers of blankets, fabrics, plush pillows… you know, anything that makes you feel spoiled (as you rightfully deserve). Your ideal living space is one that is cozy, inviting, and overall beautiful thanks to your uncanny ability to blend the earthy and ethereal.

Two absolute necessities: your place must smell delicious, and the comfort level of your couch must be off the charts—discouraging you from ever getting up. We know how much you love the *idea* of a tiny house, but let’s be real, you need a space that allows you to sprawl out. Minimalism just isn’t for you.

Best match: Your style meshes best with those who take the time to cultivate a luxurious living space, so move in with your Libra or Virgo friend instead.

Worst match: Avoid shacking up with a minimalist (you know their couch is rigid AF) or someone who could care less about furry rugs (Aquarius and Gemini).


May 21-June 20

You like your home to evoke a breezy, whimsical vibe by opting for an open concept floor plan with abundant natural light and tall ceilings (if possible). Your home is more than a home—it’s a living space where you can craft, study, break dance, or you know, whatever you are into this week.

You might opt for a neutral color palette to center that busy mind of yours on the things that matter most to you… like chipping away at your various stacks of bookmarked books, or that festival costume you haven’t finished detailing yet. Your worst nightmare is moving into a house overflowing with tchotchkes and inscriptions of “live, laugh, love” tacked onto the wall.

Best match: You’ll have the best luck moving in with a chill Aquarian (fellow nerd) or Sagittarius (that will be one epic library) who can get down with your love of open concept.

Worst match: You often wonder why people own furniture too nice to actually use (looking at you Virgo), or why people keep all their curtains shut (and you Scorpio).


June 21-July 22

Your home just needs to be cozy. And after a long day, you love coming home to a place that encourages you to slow down, recharge, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. All you need is a chunky blanket, a good book, a luxurious scented candle and a hot cup of tea.

Your design style veers toward hygge, a Danish concept which means “well-being,” and evokes a cozy cabin-in-the-woods feel, complete with floor pillows, a fireplace and some fuzzy slippers. That’s you, Cancer. So don’t feel like you ever have to compromise.

Best match: You need an emotional connection with your space, which is why your design style is much more compatible with Aries, Taurus, or Pisces.

Worst match: Here’s a terrifying scene: Living with someone who loves electric lime green paint, leopard print, and leather couches. The industrial look just isn’t for you, so maybe don’t move in with your Aquarius or Libra friend (not cozy enough for you).


July 23-August 22

Warm, creative, and affectionate, you are someone who is unafraid to be herself. You are known for your sunny personality and lowkey confidence, and your design style tends to state the same, carrying a personality as big as your own. This is immediately obvious before we even enter your home — whether it’s a unique plant, a purple front door, or your prized lawn sculpture (don’t deny it). You enjoy taking risks with your design choices as inspiration strikes.

In fact, you have a minimum of one statement piece per room. You are unafraid to play with bold colors and prints (to varying levels of extremity).

Best match: Your ideal living companion is someone who can appreciate your love of color (and oversized chairs) like Sagittarius, or your ability to push limits like Scorpio or Aquarius.  

Worst match: You dread moving in with someone who has boring taste… or worse…loves only pastels. Cancer might not be able to keep up with your flow and Virgo might criticize your beloved orange dresser you painted all by yourself.


August 23-September 22

As an earth sign, you veer toward earthy palettes of natural wood, white

subway tile

and an abundance of greenery and glass orb vases. You tend to be very particular about the order of your home (shoes off at the door please) and tend to fidget when one thing is out of place.

You are a sucker for cabinets and armoires to either obsessively organize or stash things haphazardly. You tend to have several arrangements around the house which are purely decorative and are never touched until it’s time to dust.

Best match: At the end of the day, your best match is Capricorn. Like you, they run a tight ship and can get down with your design choices.  

Worst match: You would not vibe well in a place with old carpet and a

gallery wall

(your efforts to make each frame perfectly straight are futile). Don’t move in with someone whose home is also their permanent project space (Gemini) or loves collectibles (Pisces). Bottom line? Y’all have different definitions of clutter.


September 23-October 22

When it comes to design, you have a true love for classic glam. Marble, chevron tile, and geometric metal shapes complement hues of stone, rose, and burnt orange. Everything has to be in just the right balance—not too glitzy and not too dull.

A simple floral arrangement here, a couple choice throw pillows there and that really gorgeous rug. As an air sign, your place must be fit to entertain. You adore vintage-inspired pieces and featuring local artists on your walls (excellent conversation starters).

Best match: Your

best design

match is Capricorn (they love quality items too) or Taurus to get that chic luxurious vibe on point.

Worst match: You could never live with someone who still thinks they still live in a frat house—stained coffee tables, mismatched sectionals and uninspired band posters (eek!!). You and Aries are super attracted to one another, but not necessarily when it comes to design. So when you move in together, you’ll have to do something about that singleton TV tray posing as an end table.


October 23-November 21

Your style is moody, dark, romantic, and mysterious, with a preference for low lighting, robust browns, brass, and bold tones. Just like anything else in life, when you like something (obsessed), you push it to the extreme. And that’s why your place has a very distinct vibe.

You hate anything superficial or too contrived so you tend to invest only in decorations which speak to your soul (no one else has to get it). You value silky, indulgent textiles and furniture that can withstand the tests of time.

Best match: Move in with someone who values their alone time as much as you, like your fellow water signs Cancer (cozy feels) and Pisces, who like you, is willing to go the distance to make a reality out of their ultimate design fantasy.

Worst match: As someone who values their privacy, you shudder at the idea of an open concept loft made entirely of windows—-and even more horrifying, sharing it with someone! So maybe not the most compatible with Gemini or Aquarius’s design style.   


November 22-December 21

Your home captures an eclectic blend of textiles, colors, and objects you’ve collected along your journey through life. Innately curious, you are drawn to distant horizons, various cultures, and time periods from around the world—which eventually gets translated into your home.

You have a beautiful way of weaving these various themes throughout the house, evoking your sense of passion to celebrate life each and every day. With tall ceilings and windows with a view, you believe that life should be experienced and enjoyed to the max.

Best match: Stick with Aries, who shares your passion for collecting and commemorating life’s experiences in the home, or Leo, who agrees that all furniture should be oversized.

Worst match: The thought of living with a hoarder terrifies you so find an excuse not to move in with Cancer. You cannot bear feeling fenced in anywhere. As enthusiastic as you are, Capricorn (too lifeless) and Libra (too contrived) may not be your best design matches either.


December 22-January 19

Practical and classy—that’s you! You have fine taste and tend to invest in timeless quality items. Your design style gravitates toward sleek, modern, and minimal. You adore furniture that hovers low to the floor. Capricorn may be responsible for the current trend of grey walls, exposed brick, and refinished hardwood floors (which you obviously love). You prefer solid colors over patterns, minimal well-placed texture, and simple elegance—like that glass vase with a single stem emerging.

Best match: Your style would blend best with Libra (as long as pink is kept to a minimum) thanks to a shared love of classic styles. You’d also vibe well with Virgo, who is down to earth like you, though with a slightly more whimsical vibe you can totally get down with.

Worst match: Your worst nightmare is a frilly pink bedroom with doilies and furniture made of particle board (the horror!), which is why Taurus and Leo may not be your most compatible housemates (too extra).


January 20-February 18

You are mostly super chill, but when it comes to your living space, you can be very particular. Your design style verges on practical and unique (looking at you, cowhide rug). You have a great appreciation for the elements—metals, distressed hardwood, original windows, and exposed brick walls.

You have a knack for making things like a basic metal shelf look really cool, and the next thing you know, all your friends are doing it (NBD or anything tho). You are drawn to cooler tones and you cannot resist a natural wood slab coffee table.

Best match: Hands down, your best style match is Gemini who shares your love of open and airy living, which can also double as a project space. You could also blend well with Scorpio, who shares your appreciation for the weird.

Worst match: You could never live in a gaudy place where everything is brand new and lit with fluorescent lights (who even does that??). Cancer’s design style might be too cushy for your taste, and Sagittarius might be too much for you.


February 19-March 20

Creative and whimsical, your home is the marble block and you are the artist. With a keen imagination, you get a vision and you go all out bringing your ideal to life. Your place might carry a uniting theme throughout, or, each room might have its own distinct personality.

You tend to be drawn to mood lighting, ivory, mosaic tile, rattan, and an abundance of plants. Your kitchen looks like an apothecary full of tinctures for every occasion. Pisces tend to be collectors—whether it’s your beloved record collection or obsession with depression era bubble glass decanters (in every color). Whatever it is you’re into, it’s sure to be on display somewhere in your house.

Best match: You would appreciate the moody atmosphere created by both Taurus (dreamy) and Cancer (cozy) who will agree with you that a home should also be a sanctuary.

Worst match: Don’t move in with someone who tries to micromanage your things, so avoid shacking up with Virgo.

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