Published on May 15, 2015

decorating with subway tiles

Sometimes the simplest things are the most important. One of my most basic go-tos is a subway tile While it may not sound exciting, these rectangular tiles make a big impact.

I love that I can adapt these tiles to any space or look. There is certainly a place for some fancy shapes and materials; hexagons, squares, and more! The simplicity of the lines coupled with timeless style, make them the perfect backdrop for kitchens and bathrooms alike.


I often prefer a hand-formed subway tile in a white crackle glaze — matte in the bathroom and shiny in the kitchen. The great thing about subway tiles? Even if your wallet is a little tight, you can still get a great look.

Another game changer is the grout color Darker grout has a more of a dramatic effect, setting a contemporary tone, whereas as a lighter, neutral grout has a clean and simple effect.



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