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by Cora L Diekman


Yellow grout is having a serious moment right now in both kitchens and bathrooms.  Here, a touch of almost-neon yellow injects this black-and-white space with much needed color (and a bit of edgy fun, too).

For large bathrooms with LOTS of tile – especially in an all-white palette – yellow grout is a clever way to highlight the tile’s pattern and the different sizes utilized within this particular space.


This close-up view of the same bathroom highlights the bright beauty of sunshine-yellow grout on the floor and wall.

Somehow, this color combination just WORKS.  A single accent wall of soft blue tile and bold yellow grout totally makes this dreamy bathroom space.

With only one small window to brighten a bathroom, yellow grout illuminates this space from the inside out.

Blue and yellow make another appearance in this small but stylish bathroom with serious vintage charm.


Loving this yellow faucet, which totally completes the fun vibe happening in this bathroom, complete with yellow grout, tiles, AND paint.

More chartreuse than yellow, there’s nothing NOT to love about this vibrant yellow-green grout peeking out between geometric wall tiles.


Yes, you CAN grout in neon blue.  It’s bold, edgy, and still plenty chic – especially when grounded with simple white

subway tile

and softly colored hardwoods underneath.


If you crave a more feminine way to incorporate blue grout, pair it with a soft blue sink, pink tile, and a barely-pink wall.  Just when you thought this space couldn’t get more chic, a gray half-wall above ups the ante.

This grout is actually a trick of the eye.  What looks like blue grout is actually created by etching the tiles and incorporating the color of your choice.  Real or no, this is one amazing floor.

A close-up look at the same floor shows just how crisp and vibrant the ‘grout’ is.  This ingenious design was created by Patricia Urquiola for Tierras Industrial.

This quirky image is proof that blue tile is perfect for any room needing a shot of whimsy – including kids’ spaces.


Not all blue grout is of the neon variety.  This softer shade of cornflower has a French country-chic vibe, with lots of quirky charm.

Spaces craving serenity should consider layering blue on blue.  These deep blue tiles with soft blue grout create the perfect vibe for the relaxing bathroom of your dreams.

Blue is also ideal for kitchens.  White subway tile with black grout is still hot, so why not try a slightly more colorful version of this trend with darkest-blue grout instead?

red and orange

When bold is the order of the day, you simply cannot miss with


geometric tiles

and red grout.  Period.

This take on the same idea creates the illusion of an unfinished tile wall for even more craveable bathroom drama.

This colorful entry to one Swedish designer’s home proves that not all Scandinavian spaces are white-on-white.  Pink tile with red grout (chosen by his daughter) takes bold geometric design to a whole new level.

This alternate, close-up view of the same space highlights a seamless transition to the next space with (surprise!) turquoise walls.  Somehow, it just works, and we’re in love!


A simple all-white kitchen space is brought to life with orange grout in an unexpected pattern.


Wait, this exists?  Girly, edgy, and swoon-worthy, this neon

pink grout

is the stuff of our wildest grout dreams!

Just when you thought ‘grout’ was only for tile, think again.  The traditionally warm tones of this hardwood floor are brightened by the bold lines of hot pink grout running in between.


For a smaller shot of pink grout, create your own tiles, mosaic-style.  All you need is a few pieces of tile (some broken), pink grout, and a lot of patience.

blackest black

For a look that’s bold and sophisticated, try tile and grout that’s black on black.  Keep all of the texture of tiles with the drama of a matte black color palette.  It’s unexpected and yet surprisingly glam.

Dark green tiles with blackest-black grout creates a bold look that pairs perfectly with gold fixtures.  Loving this color palette!


Yes, gold grout!  It’s popping up everywhere, and to that we can only wonder:


Where have you been all my life?

Get creative with gold grout by taking advantage of its glittery metallic charm.  This pattern creates a celestial look that’s OMG amazing.

Of course, gold grout calls for glamorous gold fixtures, and this bathroom does not dissappoint.

What at first appears to be gold grout is actually a decorative detail created by metal stripping.  Whether this effect is created by metal or grout, we’re loving this clever transition between tile and wood.


Filling vintage (or just broken) tiles with gold grout is a thing, and we’re kinda falling in love.  This Paris restaurant has turned us on to a genius idea for turning lemons into lemonade.

This close-up look at the same gold grout ‘repair work’ proves that this idea is, um, golden.


And because this design is just too fun to pass up – yes, bold grout is even a thing outdoors, too.