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by Liz Thompson

Moroccan fish scale tile also known as mermaid tile, comes in a variety of sizes and colors. With its popularity growing, fish scale may be edging in on subway as the new “It Girl” in tile. As you’ll see, it is definitely making a splash.

sea worthy

Deep blues and greens give a 3-D effect to this clean-lined bathroom wall. A novel way to add color to an otherwise neutral room. Look how they’ve created an intriguing space by painting woodwork and radiator glossy black. Simplicity with flair.

edge in

Rustic gets current when concrete fish scale pattern meets up with wood flooring. Perfect for a kitchen or sunroom. Not the norm, but normal is never any fun.

making waves

A minimalist modern home gets a wave of color in this deep blue alcove. Fish scales in an oceanic color and dark grout are both clean and slightly edgy. A little bit like an underwater cave.

surf and turf

Bright blue and green mermaid tiles paired with wood are spot on. Vanity takes center stage in this bath, for sure. An inviting space to take a soak.

marble madness

Modern and classic. Warm and cool. Masculine and feminine. Marble fish scales are well suited to the shiny and matte metals used in this bath. Sort of the best of all worlds.

small tail

Not sure you love fish scale enough to go all the way? Just a touch adds flair and goes well with simpler finishes. Just look at the hint of deep green peeking over this pretty white sink.

get floored

Wondering if a thick, dark Moroccan tile floor would look good in a white bathroom? If we are judging by this look … Um, we’re going with yes.

night sea

Dark handmade cement floor tile has beautiful curves and lends a stunning look to this bathroom. So gorg with the black and gold clawfoot tub. These beauties seem to ripple under foot.

set sail

A modern makeover maintains a hint of the past with olive green fish scales. Whether in Morocco or not, this kitchen will always put you in a vacation frame of mind.

tiny tile

Small scale (pun intended) marble tile goes swimmingly with bright hues and neutral tones. Walls and cabinets stay white to create a neutral backdrop. So crisp and clean, this kitchen is a day at the beach.

mirror image

Ok, this may border on snakeskin, but it’s too good not to include. Angular mirrored fish scale tiles make a huge statement.

salmon sensation

Bright pinky orange and red fish scales make a splash alongside a marble tub in this spirited bathroom. It would be hard to feel anything but upbeat while soaking here. As for accoutrements? Nothing needed but fresh white.

blanco baño

White fish scale tiles with grey grout give this ultra cool bath a polished feel. Paired with that chunky wainscoting? Perfect! Even though it is decidedly upscale, this look would be a fit just about anywhere.

Tile available via Mercury Mosaics.

wash of green

Gleaming fish scale tiles in a seafoam hue contrast with a floral print floor in a totally good way. There is little need for additional décor in this amazing space. Who needs it when your shower is a work of art?

sheer luxe

Take a long, lusty look at this rustic emerald green fish scale tile bathroom wall. Total yums! Do you love the gold trim as much as we do?

ancient vibe

Muted blues and greys add interest to this wall furnished with fish scale tiles. Rustic elements transport the look to a long ago time, still doable today.

grand gleam

A patterned fish scale tile wall is the show stopper in this modern bath. The high gloss, almost shimmering look jazzes up a muted space. Why not throw in some boho-esque towels for good measure?

old meets new

Did we say fish scale is the new subway? This dark charcoal cement tile looks pretty smashing against the old standby in an old world meets modern master bath. We’d move in tomorrow.

all girl

Baby blue fish scales are the perfect touch on walls to go with shiny white and matte gold. Wouldn’t this make the best guest bathroom?

perky perfection

How cute is this coffee shop counter decked out in blue and green fish scale tile? Something unexpected goes a long way in creating everyone’s fave hangout. And those wood floors? Love!

wild side

Traditional? No. Unexpected and fun? Yes! Why not make a splash with mermaid tile in a bright color combo? Looks fresh with white accents.