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Photography by cody guilfoyle

A well-thought-out gallery wall can instantly elevate even the most modestly decorated rooms. Be it in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, walls that come clad with a curated mix of prints and art bring in a major dose of personality and life. So we rounded up a few beautifully-crafted ideas that are sure to inspire. Take a look!

Design the

gallery wall

by motif—consider it an easy way to enforce the overall cohesiveness of the decorative layout sans having to overthink placement. The dwellers of this beach-side home did just that, opting for a nautically-inspired palette, which in turn, fit right in with the room’s equally serene yet colorful design scheme.

Photography by Trevor Smith

When working with a space that boasts a unique architectural detail, build the gallery wall around the unique structural characteristics. In this light-filled LA home, the gallery wall is set to emulate the A-frame configuration, which conveniently leads the art up and over the doorway of the charming dining room. Set aside the spanning wall-to-wall bookshelf, the room is left with a dynamic element of interest.

Photography by Heidi’s Bridge

When in doubt, build up, allowing the gallery wall to emulate a specific shape. Case in point? This clever rendition, which mimics a slight triangular formation that makes vital use of the prime real estate above the elongated media console. Take things a step further and incorporate your television into the scene. Suddenly, that big, black box doesn’t feel like such an eyesore.


Mood board or gallery wall? There may be a fine line between the two but we’re not about to be swayed one way or the other. Artist Mary Matson’s LA studio boasts no shortage of color—be it the vibrant pops of red by way of the furnishings or the equally saturated wall art—and her original works, which abundantly deck the walls, are no exception. Beautifully dictated by a primary palette, each thematically-grouped block features a unified vision, which manages to complement the overall aesthetic of the room.


Chalk this one up to a clever use of the fireplace mantel. Utilizing exposed brick as the backdrop for the gallery wall is definitely one way to add an element of flair to it, abiding by an asymmetrical approach to the display is another. Restaurateur and interior designer Tara Oxley did just that, by opting to wall-mount a trio of prints, while casually propping up the other two, establishing a dynamic effect with added depth and character.

Photography by NIKOLE RAMSAY

If this Australian home—designed by Kip&Co cofounder Hayley Pannekoecke—taught us anything, it’s that kid art makes for quite the stunning gallery wall display. Who said you had to splurge on all your art?

Photography by FRANCES TULK-HART


sleepy jones

is known for their bright and refreshing aesthetic, which effortlessly translates to the decor of the shop. Here, simple proof that a trio of prints can surely pass for a gallery wall, especially with a variety of pieces as intricate and compelling as these.

Photography by ZEKE RUELAS
Orlando Soria’s guest bedroom not only features an immaculately-styled gallery wall but an enthralling shade of blue that elevates the dreamy scene.
Photography by ANDREA PAPINI

Dining room decor can typically err on the more snoozy side. The fix? A floor-to-ceiling gallery wall installation that complements the color scheme of the room, taking the space from whitewashed and minimal to lively and chic.


Sarah Sherman Samuel’s nearly monochromatic display bears the ever-so-slightest hint of color and a soothing sea motif. Minimalists, take note.

A gallery wall that comes with a boho chic influence calls for textures and three-dimensional details that go beyond the standard art print. Mix in wall-mounted sculptures and an eclectic assortment of multi-finish frames to achieve that dynamic finish.
Photography by SEAN FENNESSEY

If you’re pressed for inspiration, organize the gallery wall by theme: think along the lines of colors or aesthetics. This modest arrangement complements the eclectic feel of the room’s decor, imparting the otherwise vibrant decor with a bold element.

Photography by LEA JESSEN
Utilize wall art to bring in a healthy dose of color to an otherwise monochromatic space. Note the subtly unstructured composition of this gallery wall display, which proves that straight lines and meticulously measured details aren’t always required.
Photography by ADAIRS

In this Scandi-chic living space, watercolored greens feel right at home set against a backdrop of live palms and exotically-sourced plants.

Photography by PETRA BINDEL

For the gallery wall that comes with the intention of doubling as an inspirational setup, more is more! Line your workspace with a series of prints, photographs, and wall art to create an all-encompassing mood board.

Reading nooks were meant to be paired with gallery walls. This cozy spot not only features a well-styled shelf situation but it also comes with a gallery wall display that manages to emulate and complement the decorative palette of the area.

The multi-dimensional composition of this gallery wall instills an added element of depth that goes beyond the curated collection of art. Proof that you can fit a gallery wall in just about any space!

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