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In the office space behind the

sleepy jones

shop, a wall is adorned with constantly changing art and inspiration images.

photography by  FRANCES TULK-HART styling by CAROLINE BIGGS

Brimming with nostalgic charm and preppy PJs, Sleepy Jones feels more like a slumber party than a SoHo shop.

In the office space behind the Sleepy Jones shop, a wall is adorned with constantly changing art and inspiration images.


Long before they collaborated together at Jack Spade, pals Andy Spade and Chad Buri were admirers of the informal attire worn by a few iconic artists. “Picasso painted most of his masterpieces wearing little more than a robe, and writer George Plimpton was known to roam the Paris Review offices in his boxers,” Buri explains. “Their creativity peaked because they were able to work comfortably and unapologetically.” In 2013—along with longtime collaborator Anthony Sperduti—the duo launched Sleepy Jones, a collection of sophisticated night-to-day wear for men and women, in homage to the carefree sensibilities of their favorite creative personalities. “They would wake up and go straight into their studios and work all day in their pajamas,” Buri adds. “They were being their authentic selves, and the comfort of being yourself is true style.”

Hand-embroidered monogramming, vintage pins, and old-school patches are just a few of the treats on offer at the Sleepy Jones shop.

Tufted throw in white with blue pom-pom $220 abanja.com Marina pajama shirt in ticking stripe white $138 sleepyjones.com

A vintage Honda motorbike adds a nostalgic, boyish charm to the space.

PERSONAL MATTERS Spade set out with Sleepy Jones to create a line of casual classics that can easily be mixed with a daytime wardrobe—think crisp plaid flannel shirts, silk tuxedo-inspired pajama pants, and wool chalk-striped robes—but that still capture the actual essence of downtime. “Pajamas are intimate items,” Buri says. “For Sleepy Jones, we want to focus on unplugging and appreciating the quiet moments.”

Retro keepsakes, vintage books, and paintings from Spade’s personal collection are sprinkled throughout the store, including a few original works from artist Rene Ricard, below.

DREAM ON The brand founders wove that same sense of nostalgia into the design of their Manhattan and Santa Monica retail stores, where they decorated the space with handpicked vintage baubles and keepsakes from their own personal travels. They also offer in-shop personalized exclusives—including embroidered monogramming and hand-printed vintage sweatshirts bearing the titles of classic paperback books—and host events like their Lie-Down Comedy Lunch Hour, where guests can shop while listening to a comedy album during lunchtime. “We’re inspired by anything that stops you in your tracks and reminds you to slow down a little,” Buri concludes. “Fashion doesn’t have to be so serious.”


  1. The Silk Marina Pajama Shirt is a favorite; it especially feels right worn out at night or to sleep in!
  2. The Isa Robe is another (newer) favorite. I like to wear it a little oversized instead of a dress during the summer—it’s better than a wrap dress!
  3. The new spring Smith Color Block Dress is going to be a standby—an easy all-day, everyday one-piece outfit.
  4. The men’s Henry Pajama Shirt can be worn in the bedroom or out. We say, “Buy one pajama shirt, get a dress shirt free.”
  5. The Hoffman Pant is the ultimate everyday pant. Its full cut and elastic waist make it super easy and flattering.