sleepy jones is making holiday shopping fun again

Tour the adorable Los Angeles pop-up.

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Sleepy Jones, the coolest loungewear brand (co-founded by Andy Spade!), is making our holiday shopping season with a cheerful, bright pop-up shop located in Los Angeles. The store, officially called the Robertson Rest Stop, isn’t simply selling their usual offerings. Expect to find a kids collaboration with J. Crew crewcuts and new underwear styles for both men and women.

Much like their New York City space, the Rest Stop features unique design moments like a navy and white striped exterior, a suspended umbrella in pastel hues, yellow accent walls, vintage books, pins, tiny succulents, and more.

The Robertson Rest Stop is located at 108 S. Robertson Boulevard and will be open through the holiday season, until January 2017. Not in L.A.? Visit permanent shops in New York City and Santa Monica or their website for more information.

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Alyssa Clough


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