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One of the most common roadblocks to finishing a space is adding art to your walls—a task that in past homes we, personally, have successfully avoided for an entire year. When it comes to

gallery wall

, you have to choose the art, make sure it all looks good together, settle on the various sizes, and land on a layout—all while keeping in mind how this configuration will look on your wall and with your other furniture and accessories. Not to mention the frames! The cost? No thank you.

Art.com’s slew of new features were created to solve all your gallery wall woes for you. They’re making finding and displaying art in your home fun again, with a little help from their augmented reality app, customized galleries made just for your art style, a visual search feature that makes it easy to find art that looks similar to a piece you already love, and even expert hanging services powered by Handy. All with a little help from Queer Eye’s resident designer and art-lover, Bobby Berk. Inspired yet? Here are the features you need to check out.

1. Take advantage of preset layouts via the AR app

With the Gallery Wall Designer tool, simply swipe through layouts created by Art.com’s team of experts until you find one you like. They’re divided by styles—contemporary, mid-century modern, rustic, and more. Each style and layout features suggested art, but you can swap out with other finds you’ve already favorited on the app to your liking.

Once you’ve decided on some art, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

2. You can see how the gallery wall looks in your space

Technology for the win! The ArtView function allows you to see how the art looks on your wall and in your space. It’s not wonky (we’ve tested it ourselves) and looks real. Like, REAL. You can actually experience what the art would look like IRL and can even change the sizes and swap pieces in real time. This is the future of decorating your home.

The best part? This isn’t just a planning app. All art and frames can be purchased in just a few taps. Art.com has over 2 million (!!) ready-to-hang works of art available, so the sky is the limit. If you’re looking to make more gradual moves, you can choose to buy select pieces, too. Developers are working on creating a function that allows you to upload already purchased pieces into the mix, so you can see how they would look alongside your new finds.



Visual Search to find similar pieces

Artificial Intelligence is strategically used on Art.com’s site to help you automatically find art that is similar and complimentary to the piece you originally selected. There are two main ways to use this new feature. First, if you find a piece and like the style, but something’s not quite right. The tool will provide you with visually similar art so you can scroll until you find the perfect pick. In the second scenario, you love the piece of art you found and want to purchase more that look like it to create a super cohesive display. All you have to do is tap “view similar art” and you have more pieces to browse.

4. Find your style

Bobby Berk is a lover of simple

scandinavian style

not-so-basic black and white options, and evolved

bohemian prints

“It’s all about finding a balance within your space,” Berk told Domino. You, too, can define your personal style using the My Art Style tool which narrows Art.com’s catalog of millions works of art into a customized, shoppable gallery, complete with a horoscope-like art personality profile. Sign us up.

5. (Actually) get them hung up

Thanks to a partnership with  Handy, a platform for finding service professionals in a number of fields, your beautiful art will no longer stay leaned against the wall waiting to be properly hung. At checkout, you can hire the experts to come in and do all the hanging for you. Gallery wall, complete!

Originally published February 2018. Updated July 2018. 

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