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Wall art is arguably one of the easier decorative elements one can swap out with a seasonal refresh in mind. That is unless you’re splurging on an investment piece, of course. And while it seems great and simple in theory, buying a new print once every three months is definitely not the most practical or realistic option.

With summer on our minds—and the need for more sun and color in our lives growing exponentially by the day—we’re all for emulating the best of the season in the form of an inspired piece of art.

Short of having it to live out its life until the first day of fall, we’re looking to the pieces that can stand in for the duration of the entire year. Take a look.

Punchy colors, a tropically-inspired motif, and eye-catching details that make a statement, this one exudes all the laid-back pleasures of a summer’s day.

Pink Wall, Dewey Nicks, $135

An early summer’s morning trip to the market is forever immortalized, courtesy of this dreamy print. Simplicity may be at the heart of this one but the hues are nothing short of inspiring.

Oranges, Anna Roberts, $300

We’re swooning over the dazzling spectrum of hues found within this print. Place this one above the fireplace mantel or in the entry to make a bold statement.

Le Pain de Sucre, Sebastien Martinon, Clic, $3,000

Lounging while surrounded by an abundant slew of greens definitely sounds like our ideal summer and with this cheeky print, we can emulate the feeling all year long.

Secret Place, Beth Hoeckel, Society6, $24.99

Summer’s classic pastime is recreated by way of a playfully saturated rendition and we’re definitely here for it.

Pink! by Joanne Ho, Artfully Walls, $27.50

There’s nothing like plunging into the cool waters of a pool on a hot summer’s day—and this enthralling print captures the quintessence of it.

Canicule 4 Wall Art, Anthropologie, $218

Bring a touch of Spain’s iconic La Muralla Roja home with this beautifully captured print. The inspired hues of the establishment aside, it’s the inclusion of the soothing blue-green waters that take this one to the next level. 
Muralla Roja, Pottsy, Clic
Inspired by natural rock formations, this beautifully color blocked print brings on the cool hues of summer with a boldly dynamic touch. 
Andalucia by Anna Kovecses, Artfully Walls, $64

Bring on the stripes—summer’s quintessential motif—with an ode to the nautical courtesy of this understated option.

Blue Stripes, Artfully Walls, $24

Bring in Matisse’s iconic cut-outs home with this colorful print. Prop it up on your nightstand for a welcome burst of color or swap it into an existing gallery wall for a much-needed seasonal refresh.