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Your astrological signature is much more than a newspaper column—it’s a way of life. Hence why it should come as no surprise that it permeates into your personal life as well. Naturally, we’re talking about the home and the space you’ve so meticulously carved out for yourself. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Metal or Wood? See which elemental must-haves you need for your home.



March 21-April 19

Your bold, tell-it-like-it-is style creates a contagious warmth in your home that makes us want to open a bottle of bubbly and stay awhile. As a spirited fire sign, you lean toward vivacious hues of vermilion and turquoise, accented with light-catching metals.

Always true to yourself, your passion-inspired whims spur you from one thing to the next. Your home tells the story of what excites you—perhaps a little mismatched, but resolute and cheerful nonetheless. As the first sign of the zodiac, you are unafraid to take risks.

With Mars as your ruling planet, you like to keep active. The most important area of the home is your back patio, where you and your friends can gather around your fire pit and toast marshmallows.



April 20-May 20

Beauty and comfort: You have those two things in life, and you have it all. Ruled by Venus, you are enamored by all things soft, plush, and attractive. After all, you were born at the time of year when nature is in her glorious bloom, beckoning us outdoors to smell the fresh air (bay windows anyone?).

As an earth sign, you experience life through the five senses. Accordingly, you require an aromatherapy diffuser, windchimes, an abundance of natural fiber blankets. And to convince you to get out of bed? A nice sheepskin rug to catch your feet.

With security being a big factor for you, you are likely to collect a multitude of beautiful items over the years, which remind you how sweet life is while lending your home its special cozy charm.

  • Overall style: Mid-century modern meets boho
  • Colors: Pink, cream, gold, and chartreuse
  • Favorite room: Bedroom
  • Must-have furniture: Your cozy bed and teak chairs
  • Decor necessities: The plushest rugs and pillows you can find, a candle for every season, hexagon mini-mirrors, and vivid vintage glassware
  • Houseplant: English Ivy and fresh cut peonies


May 21-June 20

Try as you might to adopt a “less is more” attitude, you just can’t help yourself! You need a constant flow of fresh stimulus. So while you fill your floor-to-ceiling shelves with your endless book collection, inspirational artwork, and clear glass vases, the remainder of your home adopts a simplistic quality in an effort to bring zen to your insatiably curious mind.

Ruled by communicative Mercury, life is never dull as you juggle your myriad of interests. You might be a notorious jack-of-all-trades (or okay, maybe a know-it-all), and it’s true, you can’t stand sitting still. So that’s why a hammock or a rocking chair is an essential in any Gemini’s home.

As a mutable air sign, versatility is an integral aspect of being. Open, light and airy qualities support the free flow of ideas and the ability to breeze from one area of the house to the next.

  • Overall style: Rustic minimalism
  • Colors: Light wood, white, glass
  • Favorite Room: Den
  • Must-have furniture: Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves
  • Decor necessities: Lots of natural light, a giant Oriental rug to match your book collection, simple glass vases, rattan baskets, storage crates
  • Houseplant: Cascading philodendrons; bamboo


June 21-July 22

Comfort is a major necessity in your life, which is why you end up being a creature of habit. Ruled by the changeable, emotional Moon, you are especially sensitive to your environment. Therefore, your home needs to be a safe space. “Hygge” is your ideal decorating style, encouraging you to find luxury in life’s little pleasures and bring comfort to every room.

As a sentimental water sign, Cancers tend to remember everything, so you’ll want to create even more memories in your home. Be sure that you have a large kitchen table for when you invite family and friends over—and plenty of giant throw pillows for cozy fireside cider-sipping after dinner.

Also useful: a large ornate treasure chest to store your precious mementoes.

“Cancers tend to remember everything, so you’ll want to create even more memories in your home.”


July 23-August 22

Ruled by the luminous, life-giving Sun, your decorating style is overtly creative, lively, and unique. As a fire sign, you exude a genuine joie de vivre, made obvious by your vivid color choices.

Leo’s are renowned for their ability to put their personalized stamp on everything, so it’s no wonder you are frequent trend-setters. Your generous nature and love of the spotlight makes you an excellent host. The den is your favorite room to entertain in, featuring decorated walls, plenty of artwork, and swanky sofas lined with pillows.

Inherently playful, Leo rules the inner child. Be proud that you are anything but boring—and like a true artist, constantly elegant and on trend.



August 23-September 22

With an acute attention to detail, your place is either miraculously tidy or it’s a perfectly orchestrated series of piles (definitely not a mess). Either way, a natural, rustic vibe suits you with its lived-in, artisan elements. Turn the kitchen table into a multipurpose crafting area, as your hands are certainly never idle.

Ruled by analytical Mercury, organization is key for you. When the pantry shelves are lined with glass mason jars, take to the ceiling! Decoratively hang herbs amongst your pots and pans. The root word of Virgo is Vir-, which alludes to the greenness of the earth. And since you are an earth sign with a natural green thumb, we find it appropriate that you would have an urban jungle somewhere in the house.

When the day is done, retire to the zen areas of your home: your bathtub and your down-to-earth cozy bed.

  • Overall style: Clean, yet rustic
  • Colors: Espresso to light wood, earthy tones with an abundance of greenery, pops of indigo and marigold
  • Favorite room: The kitchen
  • Must-have furniture: Claw-foot tub; your antique hutch
  • Decor necessities: Edison light bulbs and white subway tiles
  • Houseplant: Lacy tree philodendron (but for real, ALL OF THEM)


September 23-October 22

With an innate sense of aesthetic, fairness, and balance, your home is both welcoming and beautiful. As a social air sign, you are always happy to entertain guests, and you jump at any excuse to bust out your cake tiers and arrange fresh flowers. Plus, when your guests marvel at your modern floral wallpaper, you are more than happy to recount the story of how it came to be.

Ruled by Venus, you appreciate all things lush and glamorous. And what better than to wake up somewhere beautiful each day? You tend to have finer taste, leading you to seek out fine vintage pieces and items built to last.

Creating harmony and peace is something you always strive for, and while you can’t always please others, you sure know how to work a room!



October 23-November 21

You are an intense person who doesn’t do superficial. Accordingly, your home adopts a modern take on time-tested styles. As a water sign ruled by Mars, you are driven, sensual, and mysterious. With an all-or-nothing attitude, you might opt for opulence or a darker motif that arouses deep introspection. Regardless, you have a love of the unusual—made obvious by your collection of vintage oddities.

You should have at least one nook carved out for your cave-dwelling nature. Yes, the shower counts, but maybe you need a man-cave or a canopy bed. You are a pensive person, who needs private time to be with your thoughts and contemplate life’s mysteries.

  • Overall style: Modern Victorian
  • Colors: Cool greys, blues, blacks, brass, and signature pops of color
  • Favorite room: Bathroom (where no one can disturb you)
  • Must-have furniture: Refurbished turn-of-the-century armoire
  • Decor necessities: Ornately framed mirror, cirque chandelier, vases with white flowers
  • Houseplant: Heart-shaped anthuriums


November 22-December 21

Life is an adventure for you, Sag! You are enamored by a big world full of possibility, and always eager to explore. Your home demonstrates your appreciation for world culture, artistry, and pleasure—as well as your laid-back vibe.

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, space is really important for you. You need tall ceilings and lots of natural lighting, if possible. And while your office might be doomed to clutter (you procrastinator, you), the bedroom should remain sacred. You are constantly finding new inspiration, which lends to your eclectic knack for mix-and-match.

Pro tip: Try an accent ceiling to draw the eye upward in a tinier space.

  • Overall style: Boho
  • Colors: Vivids, balanced with neutrals
  • Favorite room: Bedroom
  • Must-have furniture: Slab wood coffee table
  • Decor necessities: Dream catcher, a driftwood sculpture, and an excellent Southwestern rug
  • Houseplant: Ponytail palm


December 22-January 19

Organized, classy, and ambitious, you work hard so that you can play hard. Your refined taste is showcased by your quality furniture and lack of clutter. No-nonsense Saturn is your ruling planet after all, so if you can’t use it, you don’t want it. Everything has its place and purpose—and sometimes that purpose is purely because it enhances the room’s aesthetic.

As the cardinal earth sign, you are a natural leader. We can count on you for your steady, methodical outlook. Some might call you serious, but you just have good sensibility—which is why you believe less is more. And while we probably don’t need to tell you, try placing your desk in the middle of the room to make good use of space and to make you feel like a boss.

  • Overall style: Scandinavian
  • Colors: Earthy palettes of light wood, grey, or charcoals
  • Favorite room: The study
  • Must-have furniture: Mini-bar cart with a decanter
  • Decor necessities: Exposed brick; Bloomingville table lamps, large woven Swedish rug, sturdy wood pieces
  • Houseplant: Orchid
“Some might call you serious, but you just have good sensibility…”


January 20-February 18

An open concept industrial space is just the thing for you, Aquarius. As an original and freethinking air sign, you require large, open spaces to encourage your creative mind. Co-ruled by utilitarian Saturn, and futuristic Uranus, you are always finding inventive ways to push boundaries and innovate current trends—which is why you can’t get enough of repurposed piping.

You hate labels (so we won’t call it steampunk) and nothing you do is predictable, but the one area you’ll want to cultivate is the lounge. You are a social creature who loves to collaborate with others, so you and your friends can plot your world takeover on your choice collection of vintage leather chairs and suede sofas.

  • Overall style: Industrial
  • Colors: Steel, brick, distressed wood
  • Favorite room: It’s all one multipurpose room, but okay, the lounging area
  • Must-have furniture: Your locally made cast iron and oak height-adjustable table
  • Decor necessities: Industrial cage lamps, piped shelving, abstract bathroom tiles, a kegerator filled with homebrewed IPA
  • Houseplant: Air plants or a living wall


February 19-March 20

Last of all of the signs, you are the most otherworldly. Being a water sign, you are a sensitive, enigmatic soul, so your home must become your true sanctuary. Highlighting dreamier aspects of life, you create a serene space which allows life’s stresses to melt away, while supporting the flow of your whimsical mind. Ruled by philosophical Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, Pisceans are idealistic dreamers whose homes become manifestations of their rich inner world.

Setting a chill mood naturally begins with mood lighting, a turntable and a ton of plants. We highly recommend a salt lamp to neutralize stress, and bonus points for a meditative water fountain.

  • Overall style: Bohemian
  • Colors: Soft lilac, ice blue, greys, and vivacious greens against warm wood tones.
  • Favorite room: Bedroom
  • Must-have furniture: Rattan swing chair
  • Decor necessities: Natural glass mosaic tile, an epic candle arrangement on a unique tray, complete with geodes and smudge sticks, floor lighting, and a salt lamp
  • Houseplant: String of pearl

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