Design Inspiration Plants

14 house plants that won’t feel like chores

The easiest houseplants to care for.

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jade plants

Maybe its hearty nature gave jade its reputation as a source of good luck and prosperity (cha-ching). Place your jade in full sun to keep it from getting too leggy, and water only when the top of the soil is dry. Keep away from pets.

asparagus fern

The asparagus fern isn’t as stalky as it’s name would suggest, making it an ideal soft touch of an accent. This ethereal fern is ideal for somewhere like a moisture-rich bathroom, and can withstand changes in light, heat, and water.


The most regal of houseplants, orchids love high, unobstructed sunlight, preferably through a south-facing window (not to be divas about it). Serve their heart’s desire by perching them on a windowsill in your kitchen or bathroom.


These tropical plants look like technicolor pineapples, and require just a touch of hospitality. Plant bromeliads in pots that won’t retain water (not plastic or metal) and keep them in an environment with 60% humidity (which might mean running a humidifier in the room with them). Let their colors shine by placing them out of direct sunlight in an east or west-facing window to avoid burning their leaves.

staghorn fern

Staghorns might as well be called “statement ferns.” Their prehistoric fronds grow up to four feet across, and look super chic when mounted en masse as living wall art. Keep them uber-moist with daily mistings, weekly dunkings and a humidifier in the room if your space is dry.


Pothos can live all over your home, as long as they are out of direct sunlight. Placed in indirect sunlight, like on a coffee table, or in low light, like in a bathroom, these precious plants or perfect for beginners—but not perfect for homes with dogs or cats.

string of pearls

If you’re in a pet or kid-free home, this bauble of a beauty is for you. You only need to water once a week, and allow this stunner to overflow on your mantle or over your bookcase for a picture-perfect #shelfie.


These split-leaf stunners don’t need much, just low light and moist soil that’s allowed to dry out completely between waterings. They also come in a host of varieties, meaning you can have a pair that isn’t too matchy-matchy.

rubber tree

We’ve got high hopes that you can keep this one alive. Rubber tree plants thrive in dim light and cool climates, so they’ll be perfect branching out near some gauzy curtains in your bedroom. Just dust the leaves regularly so your foliage can continue to purify the air.

spider plants

Besides offering a delightfully spindly accent to your home, spider plants are also one of the few pet-safe options. These arachnid-inspired plants love medium sunlight. If you notice the variegation isn’t what it once was or that  leaves are turning dark green, amp the wattage.

air plants

Circulate something new into the mix with easy-care air plants. Even a fluorescent-filled office can handle these little wonders. Just mist regularly to make sure they are hydrated.

snake plant

Don’t be afraid of these slithery wonders—known both as snake plants and mother in law’s tongues. When placed in indirect sunlight, these houseplants can actually help purify your air—and add height to a sideboard. We’d try one placed on top of a stool in a once barren corner.

fiddle leaf fig tree 

This decorator’s favorite is ideal in areas where it can catch some rays, but not full sun (so don’t plop it right in front of your window). Tucked in a corner it adds height, and minimal upkeep to your space. 

maidenhair fern

This maiden needs delicate tending, but the frilly flower-petal-like leaves are worth it. Keep maidenhair ferns in temps above 60° and treat to daily watering and spritzing or they will frizzle. Position in a brightly lit area but away from vents or major fluctuations in air.