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Growing up in New York City, I always yearned for all things tropical (what can I say; I wanted what I couldn’t have) and, thus, begged, yes, begged, my mother for a palm tree for our uptown apartment. I thought it would be a nice touch. You know, inject some Palm Beach into what can often feel like a rainy, cold, gray city. But my mother didn’t budge. “Plants cause bugs,” she would say. “They turn brown and wilt!” My five-year-old self was not amused, not impressed, and my hunt for the perfect indoor plant has endured all these years. Perhaps back in the early ‘90s, the artificial plant scene was less than inspiring, so it was never even an option in my household. At last, times are changing.

The internet offers a seriously vast number of faux plant variations. When choosing your artificial plant, think about the space and size of the spot where you’re envisioning it, and the rest will be easy. The one big tip is to opt for silk. Why? Because silk reads as much more lifelike than polyester or plastic. (And there is nothing worse than a fake looking plant.) From ferns to fiddle leaf fig trees to cherry blossoms, here are the best artificial plants to buy now.

The Inspiration: @carlaypage

What’s more ideal than a fern that can hang? Yes, we mean both literally and figuratively.

Nearly Natural Inc. Boston fern hanging basket, $47.99

The Inspiration: @jennykaplan

It’s safe to safe the fiddle leaf fig tree is still the most popular plant at the party.

World Market faux fiddle leaf fig tree, $179.99

The Inspiration: @refoundvintagenewyork

Looking for something smaller scale? Look no further than the pothos ivy plant. Plus, this metal planter adds for a nice touch in any space.

D&W silks pothos ivy in oval metal planter, $52.73

The Inspiration: @jenhallock

Why go to D.C. for cherry blossoms when they can come to you? Season after season, you’ll never get sick of these lush but minimal pink stems.

NDI cherry blossom in glass pyramid, pink, $212.99

The Inspiration: @bungalowandbreakfast

For an ultra calming and modern feel with an undertone of oriental elegance, a bamboo plant is the best decision.

Laura Ashley Home tall bamboo tree in planter, $206.99