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The phrase therapeutic chores might typically read like an oxymoron—but not now, when we’re all looking for ways to unwind at home. A bit of housework might actually take your mind off things. That’s the thinking behind a recent study from British company Victorian Plumbing. It examined Google data from the past month that linked common tasks with relaxation to come up with a list of the most soothing jobs. In first place? Hedge trimming, with almost 41,000 searches. 

For those of us woefully without shrubbery to barber, it’s more about the general idea. Plants create a calming environment, and the ritual of tending to them can be equally restorative. With this in mind, here are some projects to try the next time you need a bit of zen.

Get Into Propagating

Double or triple the amount of greenery in your space by effectively cloning—er, propagating—your stems. Pro tip: Pick a trailing variety like a pothos for easy snipping. 

Consider a Bonsai

You might not have any outdoor hedges, but these mini trees will put your pruning skills to the test just the same. The lush end result is worth every bit of upkeep. 

Repot Your Plant Babies

Spread out some newspaper, grab a shovel, and give your ferns and ZZs a brand-new home. According to the pros, you should be doing this every couple of years with fresh soil—though we’re sure your houseplants would welcome any opportunity to move into a more stylish planter. 

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