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Reddit can be a font of wisdom for quotidian housekeeping inquiries. Need a cleaning hack? Let the experts help you with tips on dealing with hard-to-clean kitchen tools. Is it a Trader Joe’s shopping tip you’re after? Turn to an employee AMA to glean valuable intel. The latest bit of advice we’re stealing from Reddit concerns gardening—specifically, how to make an at-home propagation station. All you need are $1 glass vases from IKEA and you’re in business.

The hack, posted by Reddit user Triceratops, uses a fleet of IKEA Viljestark vases to fashion an indoor gardening station. The basis for this idea is the practice of plant propagation: Wherein carefully cut plant stems placed in water grow new roots. This doesn’t work for all plants—try mint, pothos, or philodendron—but is an easy way to create a new springtime garden.

The user goes on to explain their particular propagation process. “I’ve always used regular tap water,” they write, noting that they’re testing this particular batch on top of a heating pad to make the plants grow faster. “I chop off a piece that has at least three nodes that will be in the water, and with two or three leaves on top.”


Given that the vases retail for $0.99 a pop, consider this a super budget-friendly way to kick-start your green thumb. Looking to take your gardening habit a step further? Keep reading for a few of our favorite chic garden tools.

Watering Can, HAY ($25)

If you’re low on space, opt for tools so stylish that they basically double as decor—this way, you don’t have to worry about finding storage space. This Hay watering can is a prime example of form meeting function.

Bau Balcony Box, Ferm Living ($88)

Don’t let a balcony or fire escape limit your green thumb. Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, this sleek rosy pink planter is easy to mount and will add a subtle pop of color to your tiny outdoor space.

Essential Gardening Tools, Anthropologie ($22)

For the rookie gardener, a set of essentials is pretty much all you need. This minimalist set, which includes scissors, a hoe, and a spade (each sold separately), is the perfect starter pack.


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