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Have you ever been in the middle of an excruciating run or an unnecessarily expensive hot yoga class and thought to yourself, “There has to be an easier way to do this?” We’re relieved to tell you that there is.

According to a new study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, hitting the gym isn’t the only secret to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Researchers have discovered that engaging in “leisure-time physical activity” in low or high doses is enough to lower significant risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer. The data used for the study came from the National Health Interview Survey and spanned nearly 90,000 participants, aged 40 to 85 years.

While the report suggests that more vigorous exercise could lead to additional health benefits, they found that just 10 to 59 minutes of leisurely activity each week can lower the risk of mortality by 18 percent. Case in point: If you dread going to the gym, you have a lot of options, including dancing, hiking, and—our preferred pastime of choice—gardening.

Aside from getting your necessary dose of vitamin D, gardening has also been linked to stress relief as well as a reduction in dementia and depression. If that isn’t enough to inspire you to drop your gym membership and get your hands dirty in the garden, we don’t know what is. Convinced? Here are three essentials every beginner gardener needs in their toolshed.

An Eye-Catching Watering Can

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Haws Solid Copper Watering Can, Terrain ($98)

A plain metal watering might get the job done, but this polished copper number will age with grace. If you use it often and store it outdoors, it will develop a beautiful oxidized patina.

Tools That Set the Mood

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Floral Hand Trowel & Garden Fork Set, Williams-Sonoma ($30)

A not-so-subtle—yet decidedly sweet—reminder to tend to your flower beds often.

A Color-Coded System

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Plant Markers, Set of 6, Crate and Barrel ($20)

Growing your own produce this season? More power to you. Keep track of what’s sprouting where with these ceramic markers.

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