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Today, the interior design world is celebrating a very important birthday: The Bauhaus movement just turned 100. Established in 1919 as an art school in Germany, the design school was technically only open until 1933—but its ongoing influence in modern design makes it one of the most prescient movements to this day. If you’re not quite sure what Bauhaus design exactly entails, you’re not alone. According to recent Google data, over a million people were searching for “Bauhaus movement” at the time of publishing. So what exactly is Bauhaus, and how can we bring it home in a contemporary fashion?

The namesake school was founded by architect Walter Gropius, though the broader movement included decor and art in addition to architecture. Bauhaus is best summed up by the idea that form follows function. In other words, practicality and style can not only coexist but should be considered in tandem. Characterized by sculptural simplicity, the original Bauhaus movement included iconic designs whose legacies are alive and well today. Think: Josef Albers–inspired primary colors and abstract shapes, Marcel Breuer’s steel chair, and Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s spherical, sculptural table lamp.

While you can still find original pieces from the Bauhaus movement on sites like 1stdibs and Chairish, they’ll likely set you back a pretty penny. Luckily, the longevity of the style has lent itself perfectly to modern reimaginings. As such, there are tons of contemporary ways to bring this iconic movement home. Below are some of our favorite modern Bauhaus-inspired design pieces to add to your cart ASAP.


Industrial Cantilever Leather Dining Chair, West Elm ($240+)

The tubular steel cantilever chair is a mainstay of original Bauhaus design. West Elm’s take includes leather upholstery in three different tones to bring an elevated feel to your dining room table.

Bauhaused 7 Cotton Blankets, Zig Zag Zurich ($149)

Inspired by the geometric patterns and bright colors of Bauhaus, this cotton throw blanket is the perfect way to spice up a neutral-toned sofa or armchair in your living room. Whether used as a pop of color or as a complementary piece to your already vibrant-hued, maximalist space, the cozy textile will be a welcome addition.

Cloud Bench, Bend Goods ($2,000)

Willing to splurge on a bright new piece for summer? Consider the Cloud Bench, a turquoise-and-orange wire bench whose abstract silhouette harkens to the 20th-century design movement. Bring it out to your patio or balcony in the warmer months to have a sunny spot in which to enjoy your morning coffee.

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