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If there is one decorative trend we’re excited to see play out in homes, it’s the outpour of maximalism that has undeniably taken over. A healthy mix of prints and patterns go without saying, bold splashes of color, and unexpected pairings are just a few of the pillars of the iconic aesthetic.

From here, the micro-trends are born—and the one in question we can’t get enough of is the resurgence of primary hues in decor. And whether you choose to embrace these shades through the more subtle of means, or go all out with a heavy-handed approach, we rounded up all the ways in which you can bring the trend home. Read on to get the scoop.

The inspiration for the hues comes from stained-glass windows and the colors in Ellsworth Kelly’s newly opened Austin chapel, filled with amazing works of art. Domino style editor, Elaina Sullivan’s all-time favorite palette.

Submarino Bathroom Accessory, Seletti, $75

Your bathroom vanity is about to get a major upgrade courtesy of this ultra-clever contraption, designed to hold your essentials in an entirely streamlined manner that borders on the artful.

Slim Bookend, Good Thing, $16

It should come as no surprise that this sleek piece has become an instant best-seller—the fact that it’s back-ordered until November is proof. That said, we’re not above waiting a few months for a piece that will impart our bookshelves with a sleek element of organization. 

Green Vase, BZippy, $380

Inspired by Brutalism, the architecturally-charged composition of this piece is reason enough to invest in it. The enthralling shade of green, an added bonus.

Balancing Blocks, Fort Standard, $48

Bring in a sculptural detail to your space— this one comes with a customizable element we can definitely get behind. The solid blocks, finished in a slew of primary-charged hues, are all about imparting your space with a funky, artful touch.

Standing Bowl, Fort Standard, $84

Nut bowl, catch-all, fruit basket…the possibilities are literally endless with this one. While it borders on the sculpturally artful, it still upholds an element of functionality.

Sailing Ship Kite

Haptic Lab, $40

Whether you choose to display this one as a mobile or let the little ones get in on the fun by utilizing it as a kite (as it’s intended purpose stands), it’s definitely one creative way to embrace the color trend.

Ellsworth KellyPhaidon, $60 

A monograph for the master of ROYGBIV, consider this a coffee table essential.

Fundamental Lamp, Brendan Timmins, $250

Sullivan’s go-to primary palette comes in the form of a modern-day Memphis bedside light that serves up major style.

MM3 Chair, Mario Milana, $3,393 

This taxi yellow throne doubles as the perfect statement for any room, regardless of the existing aesthetic. An undeniable splurge, this stunner is going straight on our wish list.

Modern Rug, Nordic Knots, $899 

This piece gives off equal parts Scandi and an ’80s feels that is simply incomparable. Consider it art for your floors.

Dolmen Terra Light, Foscarini, $2,422 

A red-hot floor lamp for the bold and daring, this artful piece will instantly elevate any nook or corner.

Bauhaus Cup, Recreation Center, $38

The ultimate piece for your next Bauhaus-themed dinner party, this versatile vessel is a statement in its own right.

Matte Lipstick, Make, $25 

“My everyday neutral is a matte red lip,” says Sullivan—and for those who feel more inclined to embrace the trend by way of their beauty rotation, we’re not here to stop you.

A version of this story originally appeared in the Spring 2018 issue with the headline “Prime Time.”

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