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ICYMI, navy is poised to take over weddings this year. And while you should of course go with whatever color palette your heart desires for your big day (unless your heart desires some combination of neon orange and bright purple, in which case your heart is wrong), it’s always good to know what’s trending and find ways to put your own spin on it.

The 2018 International Wedding Trend Report recently created by the International Wedding Academy also cited the deep blue hue as one to watch for the upcoming season, so we tapped experts across the industry to get their advice on creative ways to implement the color. From the food to the clothing to the venue and everything in between, here are some ways to use this trendy color in your own wedding.

A new hue for grooms

Dalia MacPhee, CEO, Dalia MacPhee Clothing

“Navy is a continuing theme this year for grooms. It a great color in photographs; [it] adds depth, is complementary to most gowns, and also helps to create subtle contrast.

When looking at ways to incorporate, get a bit creative. Navy can be phenomenal paired with shades of grey, burgundy, gold, and even pink. A navy tux with a burgundy vest, a light tan suit with a deep blue tie, or even combinations of indigo mixed with black are just a few examples of ways to incorporate this rich color into the groom’s ensemble and make a much-needed break from the traditional black.”

Add contrast to your florals

Leah Weinberg, Owner & Creative Director, Color Pop Events

“Because navy is such a dark color and can look almost black in photos, I love using navy as a counterpoint to a brighter color—it really makes everything else pop. Something as simple as navy ribbon on a boutonniere can really highlight the colors of the flowers and make a bold statement.”


Choose nontraditional accents in navy

Jennifer Spector, Newlywed-at-Large, Zola

“Balloons are edging out florals for festive decor, so that’s a great way to incorporate navy with a fun touch. Navy is basically a versatile neutral backdrop, so I’d love to see a balloon installation that mixes navy with traditional wedding white, or with metallics.

I also think peacock feathers are having a moment and it would be fun to incorporate them into a centerpiece or place setting.”

Make a statement with your stationery

Ashley Stork, Owner, Magnolia Vine Events

“[Navy is] a great color to use for your wedding day stationery—it’s just not as expected as black, and pairs just as beautifully with gold. I love accenting the color with florals, keeping them bright to contrast.

I normally suggest selecting about three colors. Use one [for] 60 percent of your design, one [for] 30 percent and one [for] 10 percent. Using navy as your 30 percent or 10 percent color allows you to pull in other colors as well as keep it fresh and light.” ​

Add depth to your tablescape

Joan Wyndrum, Co-Founder, Blooms by the Box

“Have an all-natural table with wooden finishes and fresh greens, but feel like it’s missing something? Adding a navy napkin is an easy way to add depth with color and elevate the look.”

Yes, even brides can wear navy

Kylie Carlson, CEO, The International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning

“If you’re hoping to incorporate navy into your overall bridal look but don’t want to (understandably!) sacrifice the white dress, consider your accessories instead. Navy shoes can be glamorous while giving you that unexpected pop of color as you make your way down the aisle.”

Opt for navy details

Layne Povey, Principal Designer, The Lynden Lane Co.

“There are so many opportunities and ways to use this trend to your advantage. Have your photographer take photos of your rings with your invites in these boxes from The Mrs. Box! Makes for a great detail. Otherwise, the number one way to incorporate the new design trend of navy is to bring it in with your napkins, glassware, plates, and even flatware.”

Go for a bold, blue cake

Marc Eliot, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Swoop

“Metallic accents are natural companions for navy, and can elevate your design from daytime boho to evening drama. Blue glass vessels are a perfect foil for white blooms; wide navy ribbon [is] the perfect wrap for a dramatic gathering of dark throated white anemones.

A statement cake in a deep navy or indigo fondant is a glamorous, unexpected riff on the traditional white. An oversized sugar bloom, like a peony in white or a metallic, is the perfect foil for your navy-centric decor.”

Set the tone with your invitations

Tifany Wunschl, Owner, Gourmet Invitations

“One of the most striking ways to get your guests excited about your wedding is to send them navy in their invitations. Navy cardstocks come in a different shades and textures and make for a gorgeous and deep accent. Printing in navy is another way to include the color into your invitation suite. When the guests get navy invitations in the mail, they immediately know the wedding is going to be classy, but not stuffy.”

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