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Chances are you know someone who got engaged recently—and in my case, that person is me! As fun and joyous as the actual proposal was, something I didn’t realize before putting a ring on it is that it’s also a fun and joyous event for the people around you. Which means they’ll want to give you congratulatory gifts, mostly in the form of champagne—lots of it. Look, I’m not here to turn away a bottle of bubbly (it’s a classic for a reason), but there are many other, equally fitting options that will stand out in a sea of cork-topped bottles.

So take it from someone who’s betrothed: I much often prefer the practical route, which involves giving items that will come in superhandy as I embark on the planning-filled road to my nuptials. Below, I’ve come up with 10 favorite thoughtful yet practical engagement gift ideas, including a few things that will complement all of that sparkling wine the couple in your life will surely amass.

High Notes

Registry & Gifts photo
Scallop Trim Notecards (Set of 10), Papier ($31)

First things first: I need to send a lot of thank-you notes. A stylish box of cards is the answer. These are customizable, so you can have them say anything you (the gifter) want. Question though: Do I have to send a thank-you note for getting thank-you notes?

Inked Up

And speaking of thank-you cards, this well-crafted, solid-wood rubber stamp can be customized—using one of the brand’s templates or your/our own original design—with our return address to make all that snail-mail sending we’ll be doing a breeze. Pair it with an ink pad or two, if you want to be extra-thoughtful.

Best in Glass

Coupe glasses with white balls
2 Champagne Coupes, Maison Balzac ($119)

We’ve already been showered with champagne, so now we need a chic way to sip it. The white bubbles on these coupes subtly say “bridal,” while not so subtly nodding to effervescent alcohol.


candles in neutral tones
The Floral Society Lovely Taper Candles, Food 52 ($99)

You don’t have to be engaged to be gifted taper candles, but I do see a lot more candlelit dinners in our future, especially as we stay in and save money for the big day.

Under Wraps

dusen dusen bars throw
Dusen Dusen Bars Knit Throw ($180)

Everyone you know could probably use an upgraded blanket, so why not use this engagement as the reason to give one. I may be newly engaged, but I already know we’ll need a cool cotton throw for us to hide under when wedding planning gets too stressful.

Bling Buddy

My proposal included some new hardware, so this set, which includes a cleaning pen and polishing cloth, will help me keep it as sparkling and beautiful as the day the big question was popped.

Yes, Chef

As I said, I see us cooking at home at lot in the next year or so, and this classic tome will make every meal a fun group project for dinner parties and nights in when it’s just us.

Chic Catchall

Each of these colorful, handblown glass dishes is completely one of a kind and specifically designed to hold jewelry—a special spot for my ring, should I ever need to take it off.

Show Off

Between the engagement and the wedding, one thing’s for sure: There will be pictures. The gift of one of these cool marble frames will double as a reminder to get photos printed so they can be put on display.

Game On

All of our friends have been saying how amazing and meditative this game is, and so now we want our own copy for the nights when seating charts become too overwhelming.