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When you’re young, thank you cards are mostly something you write under duress. They’re a lesson in synonyms (how many different ways can one write “thank you for the socks; they were the best part of Christmas!”?) and the last hurdle before you get to play with your new toys. Then, when you become an adult and start developing an interest in previously mundane things like air purifiers and stationery, you realize why you went through the ritual of sending handwritten thank you cards: It’s a small but thoughtful token that progressively means more as we edge toward a predominantly digital society.

A thank you note doesn’t even have to be for a holiday gift; people love receiving them no matter the occasion. Maybe someone helped you work through a crisis at the office. Maybe your roommate took care of that cockroach problem you were too squeamish to approach. Maybe a friend hosted a kickass dinner party and you want to let them know you appreciate it—and sneakily ask for that risotto recipe.

Regardless of the situation, there’s never a wrong moment to send a thank you card. Here are some beautifully crafted notecards anyone would love to receive.

For a colleague…

Buffalo Check Thank You Card, Sugar Paper ($7)

Minimalist monochrome and luxe gold detailing meet for the perfect sophisticated stationery—so this would be the perfect thing to give to your boss or superior at work. Plus, how chic is the buffalo-check print on the inside of the envelope? It’s a tiny detail that adds a neat finishing touch.

Merci Stripes, E. Frances ($5)

Rainbow stripes somehow still feel simple with this card. The watercolor print is pretty and definitely eye-catching without being over the top; keep it professional without sacrificing style with this E. Frances card.

Color Pop Thank You Note, Paper Culture ($2)

Traditionally meant for a wedding thank you, this customizable note card is a great option if you’re not sure what would fly in your work environment. With only a bold color and minimalist typography as decoration, it’s about as inoffensive as it gets. A safe bet if you’re not sure what the HR team would most appreciate.

For a friend…

Franks Notecard, E. Frances ($5)

If your friend is big on puns, they’ll definitely appreciate this card. So much so that they might want to save it and use it as a playful mini art piece to display on their desk or at home—have you ever seen a cuter hot dog illustration? We rest our point.

Merci Bouquet Card, Seltzer Goods ($4)

Another punny (sorry) one: Give this to your maximalist friend who looks for color in every part of their life. As a bonus, it’s printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly inks. Because it’s 2018, and there’s no reason your cards shouldn’t be as sustainable as your environmentally conscious home.

For the person who you don’t actually know too well…

Fields Abloom Thank You Cards, Anthropologie ($14)

Just because they’re an acquaintance doesn’t mean the card has to be boring. Anthro’s multicolored, graphic thank you notes come with a range of phrases and will look gorgeous displayed on a desk.

Thank You Shaking Hands Card, American Two Shot ($6)

The best part of this thank you card may just be the fluorescent pink envelope. This cute notecard is blank on the inside so you can write as much or as little as you want and you aren’t held responsible to a pre-written, cheesy message.

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