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Bold and uninhibited is probably how most hosts want their guests to remember any party. And when the evening’s drink of choice embodies that energy, there’s no doubt the feeling will be achieved.

This year we’re reaching for the new Collection 242 from storied French champagne house Louis Roederer. It is a vibrant wine with a fresh finish of white fruit, citrus zest, and roasted hazelnuts; the multi-vintage blend is an excellent representation of the heritage brand’s modern approach to winemaking, coupled with more than two centuries of experience (Louis Roederer was founded in 1776). Made from a perpetual reserve, along with some oak-aged wines from the house’s extensive reserve library, the result is a complex drink with the right amount of breadth, depth, substance, and contrast.

Such a vibrant champagne, of course, deserves the right vessels to enjoy it in. And since there’s such a wide-ranging assortment of drinkware possibilities, why not have some fun? From sculptural coupes perfect for cocktail hour to pastel-colored stemware meant for a festive lunch, find our favorite glasses for the many types of parties on your calendar this holiday season.

Color Contrast

These two-tone, handblown glass coupes are like little sculptures thanks to the rounded bowl and angular, cone-shaped base. They’re the ideal vessel for a modern champagne served at cocktail hour, whether it’s a casual gathering or a more formal affair.

En Flute

Attention: This is not your average flute. Instead think of it as a sculpture that puts your drink on display (or in this case, a textured hollow pedestal that’s handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic)—drawing attention to the importance of the occasion, what you’re sipping, and the vessel you’re enjoying it from. We’d save these for intimate gatherings and special occasions (especially when a toast is involved).

Coupe du Jour

This glassware is a lovely blend of old and new, not unlike Louis Roederer Collection 242. A mix of contemporary design (thanks to the flat top and angular shape) and vintage (see: the textured detailing), we’d use these for a New Year’s party where champagne is the star of the night.

True Blue

With a thin stem and curved silhouette, these coupes, made by artisans in Poland, are an elegant option for a daytime get-together. They come in a wide range of hues—from a soft pale blue to a more saturated emerald green—and we love the idea of having one color per guest, so everyone can easily remember which glass is theirs.

Detail Oriented

The rippled edge of this glass’s bowl looks like an interesting design detail—and it is. But it’s also meant to create more inner surface area, which lets the wine really open up so you can taste the toasted smoky notes that come from its blend of Oak-Aged Reserve and the brand’s signature Perpetual Reserve, which is aged in stainless steel. 

Bold Faced

A versatile hourglass-shaped vessel, this glass can be used for a number of drinks, including champagne. Choose from all clear or three two-toned colors, including amber, green, and blue. A mix of all four would be a nice element on an eclectic, modern table where not everything is perfectly matched.

Cult Classic

While this crystal stemware is what you’d classically see being used to serve a young red wine or a full-bodied white, it’s also industry approved for champagne, making it an excellent and multifunctional choice if you want to keep your glassware collection tightly curated.

So Saturated

Fill these colored glasses, made on the Italian island of Murano, with champagne that has an old-world pedigree, like Louis Roederer Collection 242. The pairing will feel just right for a conversation-fueled dinner party.