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Some Long-Distance Couples FaceTime—This One Decorated a Cozy, Minimalist Apartment Together

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9 Things Cup of Jo’s Joanna Goddard Must Have in Her Living Room

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Here’s What It’s Actually Like to Move to Barcelona With 3 Kids and 2 Dogs

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Every Room Has Its Own Happy Palette in This Therapist’s L.A. Home

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Jeremiah Brent Is the Latest Designer to Hit Your Netflix Home Page

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You’ve Seen This Paper Lantern All Over Instagram—But Never Like This

This designer transformed the $69 staple in 40 minutes.


6 Takes on the Shingle House Exterior, From Moody Blue-Black to Classic Gray

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The Container Store Shelving That’s Seen This Renter Through 3 Apartments

See how she installed it in her latest living room.

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Here’s What It’s Actually Like to Move to Japan and Buy a Farmhouse

I immersed myself in all things sake and restoration.

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With No Entryway Closet to Speak Of, I Asked Pro Organizers to Fix My Coat Clutter

One even gave me a free solution.

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After Catching the Brownstone Bug, This Designer Found Her Own and Tackled It Bit by Bit

Her only regret is making over the kitchen too quickly.

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Loeffler Randall’s Founder Keeps a Fully Stocked Candlestick Rack in Her New Kitchen

Not to mention, she made pea green cabinets cool.

flagstone kitchen flooring

6 Renovating Myths I Uncovered While Getting My General Contractor’s License

Yes, you can actually move the permit process along faster.

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How to Move Your Plants, From the Right Boxes to When You Should Water

No soil spills here.

wood wall ledge

This Aussie Couple Chose Ski Storage Over a Pantry in Their 400-Square-Foot London Apartment

The cocooning millwork isn’t just for looks.

Walker Hotel Room with peach walls, bedding and fridge

My True Feelings on Pantone’s Color of the Year After Staying in a Room Drenched in It

Does Peach Fuzz make everything peachy keen?

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A First Look at Kylie and Jason Kelce’s Revamped Kids’ Playroom

They took the sage green kitchen trend and shrunk it.

white sofa with bottom cushion covered in blanket

How to Cover Your Sofa With Throws—Before You Buy Another Boring Slipcover

A blanket statement if ever there was one.