Published on March 26, 2019

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One of the negatives of building a wedding registry is the feeling of permanence you assign to each seemingly heirloom item. You are forced to ask yourself if you can see each chair or dish being something you’d want to have in your home for the next several decades—and that can seem daunting.

Enter IKEA. Thanks to the Swedish retailer’s low prices and enduring collections, you can register freely without having to overthink each and every piece. Plus, you can probably furnish an entire room for the same price as a fancy set of silverware.

To help you get started, we scoured the site for the essentials every newlywed wants—conveniently broken down by room to make this as seamless as possible. Take a look.

The Kitchen

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Courtesy of IKEA

When choosing the building blocks of a kitchen, there is so much value in creating an airy, bright, clean space. High priority goes to storage, simplicity, and duality, especially in smaller spaces.  

IKEA has an incredible selection of items that satisfy these needs. We love the contemporary color palette they work with, not only because it’s right on-trend but also because it complements more traditional kitchen materials like wood and glass so well.

We’ve got our eyes set on a collection of dinnerware that comes in several easy-to-incorporate shades, a serving bowl worthy of colorful summer salads, and the essentials a dinner party should never be without.

The Bathroom

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Courtesy of IKEA

When registering for bathroom decor, it is important to consider how to maximize storage space while keeping everything as uncluttered as possible. A chair/towel rack-hybrid, all made from bamboo? Genius.

Go with a printed shower curtain to add pattern to an otherwise monochrome bath, and pick up small accent pieces—think pillar candles, mini succulents, and colorful bath mats—to personalize the space.

The Bedroom

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Courtesy of IKEA

When it comes to the bedroom, it’s important to create a relaxing and soothing space that you can retreat to, which is why we were drawn to the many diverse range of textiles that IKEA offers.

Mix and match pieces (such as woven baskets, vintage-inspired fabrics, faux furs, and linen), to create a cozy retreat. Toss a sheepskin over accent poufs, layer it on top of a larger rug, or use it as a cushion for your desk chair.

The Living Room

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Courtesy of IKEA

We firmly believe that big-ticket items, like sofas, belong on a list of must-haves for a new home. Not only are they perfectly priced, but IKEA also offers a “Chip In” feature on their registry that allows guests to partially pay for an item they would rather not buy on their own.

The basics of a living room? A solid bookcase to house your ever-growing shared collection, a rug for a textural layer, and a versatile storage piece that can double as a bar cabinet or media console.

This story was originally published on November 2017, it has been updated with new information.

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