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The Summer Paint Trends We’re Living For

Get the scoop on the colors inspiring us this season.
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Summer is here and in true fashion, we’ve got one thing on our minds: a seasonal refresh. Aside from the inevitable R&R we have planned for the months ahead, it wouldn’t be the same sans a revamp inspired by the season’s quintessential elements. We’re talking about a tonal switch-up by way of a little wall paint, and one that promises to lift your space from the decorative funk it may (or may not) be experiencing.

Naturally, we’re taking cues from the season’s best: cheery yellows that evoke the qualities of a sun-soaked day, a vibrant dose of primary reds of which are leading the year’s trends, and a soothing spectrum of inspired blues that promise to transport you to the waters of a coastal oasis. Summer blues are about as classic as it gets and so it’s only natural that they snag a spot on our list. After all, what better way to impart a space with soothing essence of a calming detail?

Read on for the hues that will be taking summer by storm, and get the lowdown on how to bring them into your home. 



We’ve already called this one as the It hue of the year and so naturally, it should come as no surprise that we will be looking forward to embracing it in the form of wall paint. Now, we will admit that the idea of painting a room in a shade that is so dominant in form can be a relatively intimidating one but don’t let that deter you from taking a little decorative chance. After all, it is only paint. Designate the hue for a room that comes relatively tight in square footage (yet ample with natural light) or simply earmark it for an accent wall instead.

Try: Top Tomato, Behr

Moody Blues  

If it’s not obvious enough, we’re really into blues this season and looking to embrace the hue in all its greatness. Standing in as one of the more versatile of colors, the diverse spectrum of tonal variations of a blue earmark it as an easy-to-decorate-with essential, which can live in just about any room of the home. Once such variation we can’t get enough of, is the more moody version of the hue, which boasts subtle hints of lavender with gray undertones. See how this Parisian duo utilized the inspired shade in their home.

Try: Cook’s Blue or Lulworth Blue, Farrow & Ball

Lighter Greens

It’s time to give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves and what better (read budget-friendly) way to do so than with a fresh coat of paint? We’re taking notes from this colorful New Orleans abode, where a serene shade of minty-sage is presented in a style-savvy two-tone finish, paired with an elegant marble backsplash. Pops of yellow and a complementary orange, reserved for the floor tiles, help further accentuate the subtle qualities of the trendy color.

Try: Surf Green, Benjamin Moore


This one has been leading the trends for quite some time now and shows no signs of losing momentum. Bold, bright, and chockful of personality, it’s easy to see why this primary hue has become such a popular one. While traditionally it may have been reserved for the kitchen, it has since proven its versatile nature, which allows it to live in just about any room of the home.

Nervous about embracing this one in all its glory? Start out small and designate the hue for an accent wall or atop a built-in in need of a little oomph. Take a cue from Kim West’s colorful Austin bungalow, where a vibrant yellow lends a major dose of personality to the hallway closet.

Try: Citron, Farrow & Ball


It’s safe to say that this one isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If we’re being completely transparent, we’re not mad about it. We’re taking our love for pink to the next level by pairing it with bold reds and lively greens, providing a unique spin on the classic spectrum of primary hues.

Try: Ballet Slippers, Benjamin Moore Middleton Pink, Farrow & Ball

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