Published on July 11, 2018

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Photography by SKYE PARROT

When it comes to wall paint, few colors are as versatile as blue. A vast spectrum of tonal variations is one reason for this, the fact that it can live within a wide variety of decorative styles is yet another. Calming in nature, the hue’s ability to instill a soothing and serene ambiance is a characteristic we’re all too familiar with. The fact that it can even aid in selling your home is an added bonus. 

With blue, layering is always encouraged—although, an all-out monochromatic look can work just as well. Need a little more convincing? Read on to see the true-blue spaces inspiring us right now. 

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Blues rule in this picture-perfect Parisian loft where antique details—which encompass all from the architectural features of the space to the furnishings—complement the historic essence of the home. The blue-grey nature of the hue is a refreshing take on the color, imparting the room with an unparalleled element of pure elegance. 

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Photography by MARTYN THOMPSON

Dark kitchens are having a moment and we couldn’t be happier—especially if that means we can replicate this utterly dreamy scene. Designer Martyn Thompson’s stunning kitchen brings on a major dose of moody style, utilizing the rich tonal properties of the hue to set the overall tone of the modern-meets-rustic space.  

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Photography by LAURE JOLIET

Aside from instilling a room with a near-ethereal quality, this dreamy shade also makes for the ideal backdrop for layers of vibrant primary hues on top. Maple or mango wood bring on a natural element, complementing the laidback qualities of the hue. 

Tour the rest of this home here. 

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Photography by MATHEW WILLIAMS

When it comes to the little ones’ space, no color is too bright or too bold! This shade of cobalt, for the walls, paired with a wooden headboard is pure perfection. 

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Simplicity hardly ever looked this good. An offset wall molding plays off of the frameless bed, complementing the modest characteristics of the decor scheme. We’re taking major cues from this ultra chic setup. 

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Photography by ROBERT PETERSON

This cool blue floral wallpaper takes on a significantly more subdued version of the motif, ideal for the monochromatically-inclined. Pair the look with wooden accents – fresh flowers encouraged. 

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Photography by ARLO & JACOB

This complementary color pairing is not for the faint of heart. We’re seriously coveting this color combo, which just so happens to make for the ideal focal point of a room. 

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File this one under dream bedroom. A gray-toned shade of blue decks the walls, complemented by the slew of potted greens and chic, linen bedding. Gray-washed flooring and an eclectic handful of rustic details complete the look. 

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One of the many reasons why we love the color blue? Its versatility and ability to blend in within a dynamic array of schemes and styles sits at the top of our list. This exposed-brick fireplace, framed by a moody shade of the color, is simply proof. 

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How’s this for untraditional? A soothing shade of true blue extends warmth to this contemporary kitchen, offering a pleasant sense of balance to otherwise streamlined details of the room.

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Blue for the dining room? We can’t think of a better shade! Couple the look with a rustic dining set, warm copper accessories, and a handful of matte black accents.  

This story was originally published on February 20, 2017, it has been updated with new information. 

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