Published on April 17, 2019

Listen, when it comes to choosing what color to paint your interiors, we understand that the process can be a difficult and tedious task. You’ve got to consider your palette and test samples before you finally land on a color. That’s why it’s with total earnestness that we must suggest something radical: It’s possible the best paint color for your room isn’t a single color at all. Perhaps, it’s time for you to try color-blocking.

Now, it might sound intimidating to choose not just one but two—even three or four—colors to paint your wall, but we swear the results are totally worth it. Creative color-blocking can make your home feel fresh and vibrant on a tight budget. After all, the only thing you need is paint and a little bit of creativity.

The color-blocked walls we have in mind aren’t just single-hued accent walls or simple wainscoting options. If you’re going to try this color trend, you might as well go all-out, and that means getting creative with painter’s tape, framing your space in new ways, and, on occasion, throwing some abstract shapes into the mix. Take a look at the spaces currently inspiring us below, and we guarantee it won’t be long before you run out to pick up a few multihued cans of paint.

If you want to create a perfect corner

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courtesy of remade with love

Consider sectioning off a corner with the help of an accent wall. It’s a visually interesting way to create your own little nook for reading or just hanging out in an open floor plan space. Use painter’s tape to mark your shape, and then fill it in with a bold color. It couldn’t be easier, as Remade With Love demonstrates here.

If you need a divide

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courtesy of hotel henriette

Whether you’re creating the illusion of privacy for siblings that share a room or you simply want to section off a space, consider a simple half-and-half option, as seen in Paris’s Hotel Henriette. When picking your two colors, opt for hues that have similar levels of brightness—two pastels make a great pairing, as do two jewel-toned colors or two deeper tones.

If you want to hone in on the right focal point

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courtesy of flexa

Hey, why not paint an oval on your wall? As seen here in a design by Dutch paint brand Flexa, a bit of experimental color-blocking can be a great way to create a focal point on a wall and to add dimension to a room. The process is simple: All you need is some chalk, a homemade stencil, a paintbrush, and a steady hand.

If you want to get graphic

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courtesy of mural’s wallpaper

It’s perfectly easy to create the graphic, multicolored wall design of your dreams when you forgo paint for wallpaper, as Murals Wallpaper proves here. This way, you don’t have to worry about buying several cans of paint and keeping your lines nice and clean. Just apply your wallpaper and step back to admire your quick route to a colorful wall.

If you love a good sunset

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courtesy of côté maison

Color-blocked walls don’t have to be all sharp edges and shapes. Côté Maison demonstrates just how magical a gradient look can be. If yellow is a bit too bold for your style, consider a soothing green or blue instead for seaside-inspired appeal.

If you just want to dip your toes in

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courtesy of paradiso ibiza

Wainscoting doesn’t have to be boring—in fact, it’s one of the most exciting elements in this very exciting room at Paradiso Ibiza. By using the same hue on the wainscoting and the floor and by pairing it with a white upper wall and ceiling, you can create the illusion of super-high ceilings. Plus, who wouldn’t want to slumber in a sweet peach-toned bedroom?

If you’re looking for the right highlight

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courtesy of Tiptoe

Sure, painting your door an accent color will result in a fun room element, but painting just over your door will create an even more eye-catching moment. Opt for a dramatic hue, as seen in this space by Tiptoe. Red, yellow, orange, pink, and even a particularly dynamic blue (Yves Klein, anyone?) will result in a serious statement.  

If you’re down to get a little abstract

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courtesy of cold picnic

Why not paint your wall in a way that emphasizes your accent rug? Take a cue from Cold Picnic and mirror an abstract shape on both the floor and the wall. Outline your shape on the wall using chalk or pencil and very carefully trace that outline with a paintbrush before filling it in.

If you believe in being bold

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courtesy of masque spacio

An accent wall within an accent wall can easily open up the tiniest of rooms, as demonstrated by this space by Masque Spacio. For the interior paint color, opt for a lighter hue—the contrast between light and dark will give the illusion of a larger space.

If you’re all about a pastel Mondrian moment

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courtesy of murals wallpaper

Sure, this wall by Murals Wallpaper is admittedly wallpapered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t DIY it with paint. Measure out how you want your color-blocked wall to look and use painter’s tape to ensure your lines are perfectly crisp, and then remember to remove the tape when your last coat of paint is still wet to prevent sticking.

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