These Are the Colors You’ll Be Painting Your Home in 2018

Your guide to every paint company's color of the year.

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The 2018 Colors of the Year - Millennial Pink

If you’ve been feeling like a new “color of the year” keeps cropping up every week, you’re not alone. It’s only autumn, but we’ve already seen so many trending shades for 2018 that it can be hard to keep track which, is why we’ve compiled a definitive list to help guide your decorating ventures. And while we’re still missing a few predictions from key players like Pantone and Benjamin Moore (though stay tuned for updates), what we do know is more than enough to get a head start on next year’s biggest trends.

Millennial Pink

Obviously, we had to start off this list with 2017’s buzziest—if not most popular—color. Millennial Pink permeated every aspect of our lives, from our kitchenware to food to interiors. Graham & Brown even recently dubbed a version of it their 2018 color of the year; “Penelope” is a pretty blush tone that proves this color phenomenon is here to stay.

benjamin moore's 2018 paint color of the year is red
Photography by BENJAMIN MOORE


For those looking for an equally bold shade on the warmer end of the color spectrum, Benjamin Moore’s pick is for you. “Caliente AF-290” is a deep, dramatic red that makes a statement no matter how you use it. Or, as Benjamin Moore Director of Strategic Design Intelligence Ellen O’Neill put it, “The spirited personality of red turns heads signaling surprise and adventure.”

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Black Flame

PPG Paint’s new favorite color is a little darker. Actually, it’s about as dark as it gets; “Black Flame” is a dramatic blend of black and navy. One coat of this turns any wall into an accent wall, though if you’re looking to tone it down a little try implementing it in smaller doses. PPG recommends using it to spice up a staircase, cabinet, or even a door.

Gen Z Is The Trending Color For 2018
Photography by SEAN LITCHFIELD

Gen Z Yellow

We saw the sunny shade popping up around summertime, and it’s quickly becoming a global favorite. With the SS18 fashion week shows solidifying yellow’s tentative title as the reigning color du jour, it’s safe to say that Gen Z Yellow (or other variations of the hue) will be sticking around well into the new year. Refreshing and bright, it’s a great way to keep that summer feeling in your homes year-round.

Sherwin Williams Stardew - Trending Color for 2018
Photography by ELLOS


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sherwin Williams’ “Stardew” has been rising in popularity since late summer; at least, according to Pinterest. Calming and timeless, this muted gray-blue hue works to make your home feel more serene. Go all out and paint your walls with it, or add the cool tone in smaller doses via throw pillows and curtains.

Heart Wood - Dulux's Favorite Color of the Year 2018
Photography by DULUX

Heart Wood

Dulux has already unveiled its favorite color for 2018, and it’s definitely going to be a versatile one. Heart Wood is a semi-neutral hue that’s just simple enough to serve as a base for more

minimalist decor

and with enough color to make a statement. The warm mauve-taupe color is ideal for fall decorating—just in case you wanted to get a head start on next year’s trends this season.

Behr's 2018 Color of the Year is "In The Moment"
Photography by BEHR

In the Moment

Behr’s 2018 color of the year is rooted in nature, encouraging people to use their homes as a sanctuary in which to escape from life on the go. Unveiled at an event in NYC’s Grand Central Station, “In the Moment” is a green-blue shade that inspires comfort. “Sometimes white is too clean and crisp,” says Home Depot’s Director of Trend and Design Sarah Fishburne. “We’re looking for that way of making something more tranquil and more inviting for when you come home and unplug.”

2018 Color of the Year - deep onyx black
Photography by GLIDDEN

Deep Onyx

Another company bringing back the

black paint

trend? Glidden, which has named “Deep Onyx” its 2018 color of the year. According to the press release, the paint company is resuscitating “the most forgotten neutral” (black) and bringing it to the forefront in a dark charcoal hue.

Teal is the world's favorite color
Photography by GUY ARCHARD

Marrs Green

Okay, so this might not technically be an official “color of the year”, but it was voted the world’s favorite shade earlier this summer so we can expect to see much more of it in 2018. The bold teal color was created by British paper company G.F. Smith, and is sure to be a favorite for those not afraid of making a statement in their interior design.



If bold teal is the world’s favorite color, paint companies are taking note: Sherwin-Williams just picked a deep blue-green as it’s leading hue for 2018. “Oceanside” is a jewel tone inspired by wanderlust, according to Sherwin-Williams’ Director of Color Marketing Sue Wadden.

“People today have a growing sense of adventure, and it is making its way into even the coziest corners of our homes,” said Wadden. “We are craving things that remind us of bright folklore, like mermaids and expeditions across continents.”

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Black Magic

Three’s a trend, right? If so, it looks like shades of black are officially in for 2018. Olympic Paints & Stains’ “Black Magic” is a deep black meant to mix masculine and feminine design. And thanks to its versatility, it does just that. You can incorporate modern furniture with clean lines and similarly bold hues for a contemporary look or make the black shade softer by mixing in textures and lighter colors.

This story was originally published September 26, 2017. It has been updated and republished with new information. 

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