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Do you already know what color you’ll be decorating with in 2018? Behr does: The paint company just revealed its pick for 2018’s Color of the Year, and it fits right in with the other muted hues experts are forecasting for next year.

In a recent pop-up “color experience” located in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall, Behr unveiled “In The Moment.” The cool green-blue shade is neutral and tranquil, meant to help you unwind and recharge. Inspired by nature, In The Moment encourages the idea of mindfulness and speaks to the idea of the home as a sanctuary from our on-the-go lives.

“We’re in a world of over-sensory and computer screens,” says Sarah Fishburne, Home Depot’s director of trend and design. “Sometimes white is too clean and crisp. So we’re looking for that way of making something more tranquil and more inviting for when you come home and unplug.”

The simple shade works both inside and outside, pairing well with pretty much every color and making it the ultimate versatile shade.

“We wanted to promote something that’s user-friendly and translates well anywhere you use it,” adds Erika Woelfel, Behr’s vice president of color and creative services. “It’s such an easy color to use and enhances the feeling of comfort and sanctuary.”

Behr also unveiled 20 new colors and emerging home decor trends that they believe will define interiors in the upcoming year. Each of the new colors represents a different aspect of the home—from soft neutrals like “Kombucha” and “Off the Grid” that convey a sense of calm and comfort to cheerful brights like “Life is Good” and “Spirit Warrior” meant to encourage engagement and conversation in gathering spaces such as the dining or living room.

“We want it to feel serene and calming with lots of neutrals and energize it with yellows and oranges,” says Woelfel of Behr’s perception of the home. “It’s timeless and fresh at the same time.”

The Behr 2018 colors are available now at Home Depot stores nationwide. Want to learn more about the story behind each individual hue? Head over to Behr’s site to get more information and to see a featured room in 360° view.

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