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The first 2019 Color of the Year arrived earlier today, and it comes in the form of a stunning emerald green inspired by nature. But if you’re not feeling the decidedly bold hue, we have a way for you to still be on-trend, with a multitude of hues to choose from.

Sherwin-Williams just released their 2019 Colormix Forecast, which consists of 42 colors that make up one master palette. The forecast has been divided into six color themes in order to determine the top color trends of the coming year. The groups are meant to help DIY-ers and designers determine exactly which hues to mix and match, in order to create one cohesive look.

“Every color in the Color Forecast, whether alone or when combined with others, tells a different story, a different riddle, or different song, similar to the honesty found only in a written journal,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, in a statement. “Our intent was to ask ourselves, ‘If this palette were a person, what kind of person might they be?’ It’s important to bring forth a forecast that is personal and aspiring, yet attainable—how all design should be.”

As a result, Sherwin-Williams 10th Annual Colormix Forecast differs from the others. It’s more organic, and inspired by trends from all over the globe. Spontaneity is the name of the game, with Wadden describing the line as “drawing colors from free-spirited wanderers and old-world storytellers.”

The names of the palettes follow this theme, with each exhibiting a different mood—but all equally exciting and on-trend. Check them out below, and start planning your home makeover.


Inspired by the cosmos, Shapeshifter was designed for those who always seem a little ahead of their time. Ethereal blues and soft whites primarily make up this aesthetic, capturing “the unique space between technology and spirituality,” according to Wadden. These soft colors are perfect for bedrooms (aka, falling asleep faster).


Earthy tones are the cornerstone of the Wanderer palette, which is designed for the ultimate explorer, never to be caged in. Inspired by the West, this more subdued look is made up of earthy browns, caramels, and clays.

“The Wanderer palette is sun-washed and warm,” explained Wadden. “It brings you to a modern desert made of one part cowboy, one part

Scandinavian style

that produces a luxurious result.” You can totally mix shades for a monochrome look, in order to add an element of elegance to your space.


If your style lies more on the classic side, know that there’s still a color palette for you. Aficionado is all about strong merlots, muted greys, and bright metallics that combine together for a look that’s timeless and elegant. Muted colors also help make a small space look bigger, so maybe consider the Aficionado collection for your

tiny bedroom

or kitchen.

“When we say ‘Aficionado,’ it evokes an emotion of what is best-in-life, well-worn and bespoke,” said Wadden. “It is ostentatious without being fake or showy, and has the right amount of charm to make it feel tasteful.”


Going against the grain is always fun, and Enthusiast does that by using unexpected color combinations you wouldn’t think of at first glance. Vivid blues, greens, and reds make up the eclectic line, designed as a “fresh take on maximalism.”

And yes, the colors might be a little bold, but make like Joanna Gaines and start small: We’re sure you’ll gravitate to painting a whole room in no time.


Okay, maybe you’re obsessed with PPG’s Night Watch, a the vivid green inspired by nature. But maybe you also want to accentuate it with something a little different—which is where Naturalist comes along.

These tones are more botanical—pinks, mushrooms, and just a hint of green—so they’ll work well with the dramatic PPG Color of the Year, should you choose to incorporate it. Think of this as an ideal way to bring the outdoors in.


The most global of the bunch, Raconteur is the one that translates global design to color. “From rich red to muted mauve, Raconteur represents storytelling itself,” said Wadden. “These stories are a subtle reminder of how everyone is connected.”

Rustic reds, skin tones, and dark browns encompass a multitude of rich palettes, which might just encourage you to take a few more risks with your decor. While the color might be a little too rich for a bedroom, we can imagine designing a reading nook with this fun palette, in order to encourage even more inspiration.

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