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January is all about fresh starts, and as if on cue, Sherwin-Williams has some major news: For the first time in five years, the company is launching a brand-new paint collection. The Emerald Designer Edition includes chic shades like Sun Salutation (a cheery yellow that could brighten up any small space) and Steamed Chai (a subtle tan that would look great in any antiques-filled room). The 200 hues are divided into five palettes, and to be honest, we’re already suffering from severe swatch indecision.

Thankfully, the line doesn’t drop until April 1, so there’s time for all of us to pick our favorites. Or if your New Year’s resolution revolves around upgrading your home, Sherwin-Williams’s director of color marketing, Sue Wadden, can help. We asked her to share her recs from the upcoming launch and tie them to specific intentions—all you have to do is pick the room you want to remodel, assemble some brushes, and mark your calendar.

If You Want to Feel Energized

Bold, energetic color is the answer—but that doesn’t necessarily mean going the cliché yellow route. Wadden loves Azure Tide, an oceanic shade of blue that really packs a punch. “Use it as an accent color on a single wall, or paint an entire entryway or hallway in it,” she says.  

If You Want to Feel Inspired

Verdant green is often associated with the new life and endless possibilities that come with springtime,” says Wadden, whose pick is a double whammy: a combo of saturated Juniper and pale mint Kingston. Slick a coat of the darker tone on your door or trim, and contrast it with the lighter shade on the walls. 

If You Want to Stay in More

Resolve to make 2020 a year of cozy nights in with a hue that reflects your new homebody tendencies: Country Tweed. Sure, earthy brown may not seem like the most exciting color, but it will warm up a space in no time. “Pair it with soothing chocolate-toned accents, natural woods, and a matching painted ceiling to truly envelop the room,” says Wadden. 

 If You Want to Relax

“In both name and color, Serenely is the perfect hue to promote tranquility and a sense of peace at home,” says Wadden of her silvery choice. It’s a modern take on everyone’s current obsession with nature-inspired sheens (see: almost every single color of the year prediction) and would look great set against warm white trim and soft textures for a totally zen vibe. 

If You Want to Get Rid of Negative Energy

Sometimes it helps to be literal. Bright white Gypsum is undertone-free, making it the ideal blank slate for “infusing positivity into a space,” says Wadden. Consider the neutral shade an invitation to bring in pieces that truly spark joy, be it a new book display or a collection of travel mementos

Serenely SW 9632 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Country Tweed SW 9519 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Azure Tide SW 9684 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Kingston SW 9677 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Juniper SW 9679 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Gypsum SW 9543 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

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