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Move over, Greenery: There’s a new shade of green that’s been voted as the premier color. Introducing Marrs Green, a teal hue that was recently named the World’s Favorite Color by British paper company G.F Smith.

Following a global survey that interviewed thousands of participants from over 100 countries, the papermakers settled on the deep blue-green shade. Marrs Green is named after Annie Marrs, a participant from Dundee, Scotland who picked the closest shade to the winning teal. Though at first it may not seem like the most natural color, Marrs Green was inspired by the landscape surrounding Scotland; specifically, her local River Tay. Like Pantone’s Greenery, this shade of green is rooted in nature and tranquility.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have picked the World’s Favorite Color!” says Marrs. “The color was inspired by the landscape that surrounds me at home in Scotland, and that deep green hue with a tinge of blue has always been a favorite of mine.”


The winning color was revealed quite dramatically via an explosion of tiny paper helicopters over Humber Street, a part of Hull where G.F Smith is currently hosting a pop-up shop. The paper company, which was founded in 1885 and has been a staple amongst graphic designers, architects, and artists ever since, will be selling a variety of items all customized in the world’s new favorite color.

For a limited time, Hull residents will be able to buy products ranging from a bike to a satchel in Marrs Green. These items are sold as part of Paper City, an installation series taking place, in Hull, during the Hull City of Culture event this summer, which lasts until July 9. A number of companies and designers have come together for the installation including brands such as Cambridge Satchel Company and Angelpoise.

According to Caroline Till, editor of Viewpoint Colour Magazine, the choice for a shade of green like Marrs Green is unsurprising given the current global situation.

“In these uncertain times, where political and social upheaval has become the norm, we crave the calming tranquility of green and its association with the reassuring certainty of nature’s cycles,” explains Caroline.

“As the contemporary condition of “nature deficit” rises in the context of increasingly urban and digital lifestyles, we seek to reconnect with the natural world, hence the current global popularity of the color green,” she says.

Want to infuse a bit of Scottish-inspired calm to your life? Marrs Green is officially part of the Colorplan range as the temporary 51st color, available for use by designers, brands, and individuals. Watch the mesmerizing video of how the shade is mixed here.

Source: House Beautiful UK

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