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Ever since Marrs Green was unveiled as the World’s Favorite Color by British paper goods company G.F. Smith, we’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate the shade into our homes. Whether you’re bold enough to try a completely teal room or want to test out the color with a few accent pieces, here are ten decorating ideas using Marrs Green (or the closest shades we could find) to try for your next decor project.


If you’re not afraid of a little color, play up the bold shade with complementing jewel tones. In this bedroom, a deep teal coat of paint on the walls really draws out the colors of the chartreuse rug and fuschia throw blanket.  

Photography by ANGELA MOORE

Another great example of colorblocking, this nook designed by James Leland Day contrasts a more blue teal with a tomato red couch for the ultimate small space design that makes a big statement.


We spotted this bathroom on a Swedish home real estate site and it has us thinking that if all Swedish bathrooms look like this, we better move there ASAP. Mimic the clean minimalism of Scandinavian design at home by keeping the rest of your room bare and opt for a brightly-colored tub to stand in as the undisputed focal point.


How creative is this? In a fun twist on traditionally painted walls complemented by bare floors,

Elsie Larson

of A Beautiful Mess DIY’ed a gorgeous teal hardwood floor and kept the walls a simple white. If you’re intrigued by how you too can recreate this unexpected pop of color, head over to her blog for the full rundown.

Photography by BEPPE BRANCATO

When you have a 3D wall, go all out and make it the focal point of your room with a bold coat of paint. We love how the teal color is reflected in the accessories as well, like the plush throw blanket.

Photography by BOBBY + TIDE

Spice up a white room with a teal sofa which, thanks to its light wash wood base, doesn’t darken the space. Psst, the luxurious-looking couch by Pop and Scott is still available for purchase here.

Photography by AMBER ULMER


Hey Wanderer

live/work space was designed to be a “wow” house, and we’d say owners Casey Freeman and Savannah McNeill definitely succeeded in that regard. Bohemian touches bring the drama down a little and make the bedroom feel more casual.


It may seem counterintuitive to incorporate a lot of vibrant color into a small space, but this kitchen proves that a bright teal hue can liven it up. Take your decor a step further and coordinate your dinnerware to the main color scheme —here, we spy colorful dishes and bowls that complement the teal cabinetry nicely.  

Photography by RENNAI HOEFER

Blogger Avestyles recruited design studio Decorist for help remodeling her bedroom into a contemporary area with a slight boho edge. The walls are painted a deep teal that errs more on the side of navy, but we love the Marrs Green bench situated at the edge of the bed for extra seating and a chic finishing touch.


Leave it to Joanna Gaines to create a kitchen that blends sleek modernity, rustic coziness, and timeless sophistication all in one. This stunning kitchen is made all the more visually appealing by the deep teal cabinets and island. Take a page from the Fixer Upper star’s book and dress up a minimalist kitchen with a splash of the world’s favorite color.

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