6 Ways We’re Decorating With Fall’s Trending Colors

Get the scoop on the inspired shades we're loving this season.
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Mustard is the underdog of the shades that are inspiring us this fall. Unexpected, vibrant, and undoubtedly edgy, we’re looking to bring it home in a variety of fresh ways. One such approach comes in the form of Hawkins New York‘s Aurora collection, which boasts an eclectic assortment of tinted glass vases. Inspired by the Northern Lights of Iceland, these delicate pieces make for the perfect centerpiece or accent for the entryway.

Our shade of choice, in this Scandinavian scene, comes courtesy of the linen bedding, which lightly channels the deep reds of the imported area rug. Fluctuating between a bold copper and burnt red, the dynamic hue proves to be an ideal complement to the maple wood furnishings and whitewashed surround. Naturally, pops of beige help dilute the intensity of the color while a cluster of potted greens lend themselves to a refreshing contrast.

Sfgirlbybay’s Victoria Smith is serving up all sorts of inspiration via her new shop, Super Marche. A selection of curated finds emulate Smith’s colorful aesthetic, and this scene is no exception. Not only does it embody our two favorite hues of the season—mustard and forest green—it also showcases the pair with effortless elegance. Of the aforementioned shades, consider them the elevated take on a classic green and yellow combo, fitting for a beautifully whitewashed space with rustic details. Of course, when it comes to textures of choice, velvet is an easy favorite, much like the deep blue seat in this serene spot.

Layering textures and autumn essentially go hand-in-hand. Not only is it the perfect excuse to splurge on cozy throws and vibrantly-printed pillows, but it allows us to experiment with unexpected color pairings. Consider linen bedding in a neutral tone a must—not only can they be utilized all year round, but they provide the ideal base on which to build on with color and texture. Opt for a duvet in a complementary tone and top the foot of the bed with a throw that emulates the hue of your bedding or shams. Throw pillows are an excellent (and low-commitment) way of incorporating various prints and patterns—here’s your chance to take a decorative risk!

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If there’s one lesson we learned from Hilton Carter’s plant-filled loft, it’s that green is forever in. Staying true to his shades of choice, Carter’s home boasts a surround that complements the many, many (seriously, we’re talking over 140) plants that exist in his space. In the limited areas that aren’t covered by greens or green wall paint, a cream hue lends a delicate contrast, further accentuating the power of the base color. The important takeaway here? Don’t be afraid to layer green with more green.

It’s become apparent that regardless of the season, pinks will forever rule. While the millennial take on the shade may be on its way towards retirement, we’re looking to the more saturated, smokey variety for inspiration. Pair the powerful hue with warm leather details and bronze accents—a quintessentially autumn combo—to impart an exclusively modern space with a much-needed element of comfort.

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