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Just when you (and we) thought the millennial pink trend was on its way out, along comes

le creuset

to prove us wrong. The kitchenware company just launched a 23-piece collection of cookware, and it’s all millennial pink.

Well, technically, it’s Sugar Pink Matte—but we’d recognize that dusty pink Instagram fodder from a mile away. The line includes everything from a French press and skillets to something called a pie bird. One thing’s for sure: This is definitely a way to get younger generations interested in making pot roast, even if it’s only for the ’gram.

Ranging in price from $6 for a millennial pink teaspoon to $300 for a millennial pink round dutch oven, there are many ways people can incorporate this trendy hue into their kitchens. While it may not be the most affordable option for those just starting to build their cookware collection, Le Creuset definitely caters to those looking to introduce color into their homes. The company offers 46 colors—including Hibiscus, a shade of pink almost identical to the newest launch—for almost every type of cooking tool in existence.

This means that if you’re over the whole pink trend, you can spruce up your kitchen with any number of punchy hues. Try out some of our favorite colors for fall—Le Creuset has products in vivid orange (Flame), deep green (Fennel), a dynamic blue-green (Ocean), and a dusty grey (Mist Grey).

Want to learn more about the pretty pink hue? Le Creuset released a quick video that displays some of the products you can buy now, plus some equally social media-friendly items that share the same color. Millennial pink macarons, anyone?


: Bon Appetit

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