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When you think of concrete, images of hot summer sidewalks, industrial architecture, and minimalist design may come to mind. It’s true, concrete is used for all of those things—but it’s also so much more, particularly when it comes to your kitchen.

When engineered with durable materials such as quartz, it’s a sure way to add a sense of style and functionality to the heart of the home. And, while

concrete quartz

countertops definitely do look amazing in a grey, sleek design, they work in a range of other aesthetics, too. That’s because they’re totally customizable and are now available in a range of hues, shapes, and applications. Here, find 10 examples of how concrete quartz plays a role in a huge variety of kitchens—from modern and minimal to traditional and luxe.


Light and Bright

Contrary to what you might think, concrete quartz counters work incredibly well in an airy-feeling kitchen because they add a grounding element to the space. The combination of a light grey countertop with warm wood accents and crisp white cabinetry keeps things looking fresh instead of heavy.

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2. So Fresh, So Clean

Need proof that a concrete quartz finish doesn’t have to be grey? Here you have it. This kitchen contrasts concrete quartz’s organic texture with decor’s most minimal hue for a look that feels modern but also has depth.   Featured Caesarstone Product: Fresh Concrete

3. Traditional With A Twist

For those not really into minimal style, concrete quartz is still an option. Case in point: This kitchen that nails the mixed-material look. From a tile backsplash to two-tone inset cabinets and reclaimed wood accents, the design scheme here is the perfect example of how traditional design elements can be the opposite of boring and stuffy. Chrome appliances bring the whole room up a notch and help incorporate the grey concrete.

Featured Caesarstone Product: Raw Concrete

4. Contemporary Glam

It’s amazing how details like lighting fixtures and decorative items can turn up the glamour in a mostly-minimal kitchen. Here, a sleek grey island is the star of the show, yet the pendant lamps add some drama to the space. The best part? If you ever get tired of a look like this, you have a incredibly versatile base to redesign with. Just swap out the decorative items and the room will feel brand new.   Featured Caesarstone Product: Rugged Concrete

5. Raw and Rugged

This rougher finish adds an industrial vibe to any space, which is what you might traditionally expect from a concrete quartz countertop. The catch is that the color variations are perfectly placed, making the space feel raw but also elevated and well-designed. Here, it’s easy to see how the material can be used for more that just the actual tops of the counters, but also the entire island area, which creates a seamless effect that pulls the whole room together.   Featured Caesarstone Product: Concrete

6. Color Pop

Another advantage of a high-performing yet basic countertop is that it leaves room to have a little fun with other design elements in the kitchen space. Here, the mix of white and grey concrete quartz with a hit of bright turquoise makes a smaller cooking area feel special and homey.

Featured Caesarstone Product: Raw Concrete

7. Earthy Delight

While white-and-grey-only color palettes are a big trend right now in kitchens, concrete quartz also works in a more earth-toned space. The strategy of making the countertop one of the lighter hues in the room helps enhance the natural aspect of the space, right down to the window-as-backsplash, which brings the outside in.   Featured Caesarstone Product: Sleek Concrete

8. One Size Does Not Fit All

An open, asymmetrical kitchen deserves a countertop to match. One of the best things about

concrete quartz countertops

is that they can be created in virtually any shape and size, providing the ultimate in versatility. The island in this room is tailor-made to the space, creating an intentional feeling that’s hard to replicate with other, less flexible materials.

Featured Caesarstone Product: Raw Concrete perimeter, Frosty Carrina Island

9. Futuristic Vibes

Concrete quartz can take you anywhere from timeless classic to what’s next in design. This open-plan kitchen features a dark concrete quartz island as a focal point, which provides a natural backdrop for the chrome and wood design scheme that gives the whole space a cutting edge aesthetic.

Featured Caesarstone Product: Concrete

10. Center of Attention

The concrete quartz island and countertops really stand out in this warm yet cleanly-designed kitchen. This design strategy works well for those who admire the modern aesthetic but are looking for an alternative to an all-white space. Here, wood tones serve as a third neutral, rounding out the color profile of the space and making it appear both welcoming and sleek at the same time.

Featured Caesarstone Product: Concrete

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