We Predict Le Creuset’s New Collection Is Going to Sell Out Fast

Can you guess the colors?
multicolored le creuset cookware

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It’s rare that an announcement about a line of pots and pans elicits universal excitement, but then again, Le Creuset isn’t your average cookware—the heritage brand is a veritable kitchen celebrity. Available in every color of the rainbow and made to last, its Dutch ovens (and more) are utilitarian tools people actually want to display. Today, the company introduced two brand-new colors as part of its spring launch: Nectar and Artichaut. If ever there were two hues sure to sell out, these would be them. 

How do we know? Well, first there’s Nectar, a warm marigold shade that plays into the ’70s comeback we’re seeing. As for Artichaut (an opulent green meant to evoke mystique), it bears striking resemblance to the color 1stdibs designers predicted would be the it-hue of the year: emerald. Millennial pink, who?

Each one is a welcome departure from the neutral finishes most people gravitate toward when buying investment kitchenware. In fact, the whole inspiration behind the line is vibrant individuality and the idea that food can spark discussions, especially at dinner parties. A family-style Dutch oven in a not-too-serious bright yellow? We call that the perfect conversation piece. 

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