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The moment that you take a perfectly baked batch of cookies out of the oven is a particularly sensory one. The smell, the sight of those gooey edges, and the thought of dunking one straightaway into a glass of milk are undeniably tantalizing. Today, Great Jones launched a new product that can make that moment even greater. The direct-to-consumer cookware brand spent the past year developing its first sheet pan, cheekily named Holy Sheet, and it’s the prettiest one we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Just imagine those cookies set against an Yves Klein Blue background. Better, right?

“There’s a reason why no one loves their sheet pans,” cofounder Sierra Tishgart told us. “It’s something that often hides in your oven and is replaced quite frequently. So we really wanted to solve two pain points there. Sheet pans tend to warp, so we figured out the engineering to make sure that ours could withstand extreme temperatures and the test of time. Then it required a lot of testing to ensure that the color was applied in an environmentally friendly way that also made it durable.”

Courtesy of Great Jones

Crafted of aluminized steel reinforced by steel rod, the Holy Sheet is heavier than what you may be used to, but it’s still light enough to pick up with just one oven mitt-ed hand. Plus, the nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating makes it so you don’t have to struggle to get all the good stuff off the tray and onto your plate—perfect for preparing Tishgart’s favorite seasonal side dish, roasted squash. Consider it a holiday entertaining hero that also happens to be a thoughtful hostess gift.

Blue sheet pan
Holy Sheet, Great Jones ($25)

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