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Let’s face it: Cooking is personal, whether you’re whipping up a pot of mac and cheese for one (to be eaten straight out of said pot) or preparing a delicious meal to be shared with friends and family. So, shouldn’t your cookware also reflect your personality? With a collection of playful, mindfully designed pots and pans, Great Jones certainly thinks so—and with its new engraving options (launched today!), the brand is making cookware even more custom.

So you might ask: What should you engrave on a pot or pan? We must say, the possibilities are abundant. With Mother’s Day coming up, you might consider giving your mom a beautiful pot she can use to cook her signature one-pot pasta, or maybe you’re in the midst of wedding season and want your gift to stand out amid a sea of china and towels. “There’s so much joy in personalization, whether you’re creating something for yourself or gifting it to a loved one,” says Sierra Tishgart, Great Jones co-founder. “For our office set, we engraved cheeky statements like, ‘Hot in here’ and ‘Looking like a snack.’ I’m excited to gift Maddy, my co-founder, an engraved lid with her upcoming wedding date.”

All of Great Jones’s stainless steel items (except their colorful Dutch oven, The Dutchess) can be engraved with a 20-character limit. For an extra $50, engraving can be added to the complete Family Set, and for individual items engraving costs an extra $30.

“We felt inspired after hearing stories of people passing cookware down from generation to generation,” Tishgart adds. “Engraving your pots makes them that much more special and beloved.”

Now, please excuse us as we enter into an intense brainstorm session, trying to figure out which words or phrases might best embellish our beloved pots and pans. Any suggestions?

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