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I’ve always favored a bowl. This modest piece of dinnerware, in my honest opinion, is the prime vessel for more than just soups, stews, and cereals. Holding a bowl, I’ve always thought, is far more ergonomic than holding a plate, and it doesn’t run the risk of dripping any excess sauces onto the table, unlike the plates I’m familiar with. It turns out that I wasn’t looking at the right plates.

Ridged plates have been trickling into popularity, and it’s not hard to see why: They provide a protective barrier for everything from gooey egg yolk to soy sauce drizzle, they make messy salads and scrambles look instantly styled, and simply put, they look really cool. These aren’t plates you’d keep stashed away in your China cabinet—they’re designed to be used and admired each and every day.

These plates err on the side of contemporary, but that’s not to say that they’re limited in style. With different patterns, colors, glazes, and even varied heights and depths, they can span a wide range of aesthetics, from farmhouse chic to earthy boho and refined minimal. There really is a plate for everyone—you, too, might just be convinced to leave your bowls behind.


If the Words “Contemporary Farmhouse” Still Make You Swoon

Black Rimmed Plates
Black Rimmed Plates, Magnolia ($22)

This simple dish from Magnolia makes for a piece that minimalists and country lovers alike can agree on. Its organic shape lends it a rustic appeal, while its ultra-simple black rim makes for an updated take on a dinner classic.

If Spring Is Your Constant State of Mind

10_ Dinner plate
10″ Dinner Plate, Beau Rush Ceramics ($54)

The matte glaze of these plates gives them a totally fresh spin. Their subtle ridge makes for a delightful detail.

If You Can’t Not Go for a Monogram

Design Letters Porcelain Plate
Porcelain Plate, Design Letters ($31)

Consider this: You’ve woken up early enough to prepare yourself a breakfast of yolky eggs and toast. You plate your meal on this dish, which bears your first initial—what better way to start the day?

If You’re Looking for Peace of Mind

Handmade Pastel Rimmed Plates
Handmade Pastel Rimmed Plates, Cozear ($29)

No matter how messy your supper may be, it will look perfectly in order on one of these ocean-hued plates. Their weightiness adds to their appeal.


If You Just Can’t Get Enough Terra-Cotta

Porcelain Speckled Dinnerware
Porcelain Speckled Dinnerware, Dansk ($45)

Extra-glossy porcelain feels perfectly fresh in an array of deep hues. Mix and match terra-cotta, teal, and gray for a dynamic tablescape.

If You’re a Fan of Anything Painterly

Signature Rimmed Dinner Plate
Signature Rimmed Dinner Plate, Cozear ($11)

Plain white plates got you down? Opt for these. The perfectly imperfect splash of light blue across these dishes makes them feel positively breezy.

If You Don’t Need an Occasion to Party

Simple Dining Set, Felt + Fat ($110)

You don’t need to have a Funfetti cake at the ready to use an ultra-festive set of plates. Felt + Fat’s rainbow splatter set makes every meal feel special.

If You’re Feeling Minty Fresh

Stone Lava Speckled 12-Piece Dining Set
Stone Lava Speckled 12-Piece Dining Set, Urban Outfitters ($69)

Not sure how to break out of your rut? Consider swapping your white dishes with these cool mint options instead.


If You Equally Love Sunrises and Sunsets

Sunrise Dinner Plates
Sunrise Dinner Plates, Helen Levi Ceramics ($232)

The sky-inspired hues of ceramicist Helen Levi’s plates are awe-inspiring on their own. Add a sleek, subtle ridge, and they’re golden.

If You Abide by the Unexpected

vapor black and white dinnerware
Vapor Black and White Dinner Plate, CB2 ($13)

If you’re looking to add some more character to your table, consider a set of plates with a soap bubble effect. The black-and-white palette of these plates makes for a particularly entrancing set.

If You Dream in Watercolors

Watercolor Salad _ Cake Plates
Watercolor Salad & Cake Plates, Gleena Ceramics ($112)

Gleena Ceramics makes elevated plates that don’t feel too fancy to use every day. These ones may be intended for cake or salad, but we like them for small meals too.

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